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So I always like to get stuff done earlier rather than later but being on here always makes me feel like I am soooo behind! But I realized that I have gotten alot done lately.....

- I've gotten 3 of my 5 BMs measured for their dresses.
- Picked out and purchased BM shoes
- Finally asked FI's cousin to be my Jr. BM
- Picked out Jr. BMs dress
- Picked out E Pics for STDs
- Will be ordering STDs (finally) next week before vacation
- Signed hotel block contract
- Started making appointments for cake tastings (scheduled for after vacation)
- About to sign a contract and put deposit down for florist
- Purchased all materials for BMs bracelets and made my first one (with help of FMIL and FSIL)

whewwwwwww I just need to keep on truckin :) I think I'll always feel behind til the wedding is over lol
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