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Too much...

I am overwhelmed. Overall, things are going well (invites finished and mostly sent, bridesmaid dresses arrived looking fantabulous, and I had my first fitting with Louise yesterday and it went smashingly...) but I still feel like I'm behind and it's freaking me out.

I think the thing that's making it worse is how many huge NWR things are happening right now too. About 3 weeks ago, FI and I moved into a new apartment. 2 weeks ago, I was offered a new job. Then, last weekend, at a cabin party... I severely sprained my ankle (and the dr couldn't totally tell from the x-ray, but he thinks I have a small hairline fratcture in my malleoulus--- the little bony part of the ankle).

So now, I'm hobbling around trying to settle in to a new apartment and clean up my messes at work before leaving my current job... and I'm just running out of the mental and emotional stamina to plan my wedding. Has anyone else gone through this?

The only vendor I have left to officially book is the DJ. I've been in contact with Neon Express multiple times, but still haven't finalized everything. Other than that, I just need to reconnect with a lot of my vendors and tamp down the details... and do all of my DIY decorative projects... but still... it just seems like a lot. I am freaking out.


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    I hear you 500%. I am seriously in that place right now because I travel across the country half-time for work, live in Chicago and am planning a wedding in MN. The big stuff is out of the way, yes, but that small tedious stuff adds up to a whopping pile of Idon'twannadoit! Totally burnt out on wedding amidst everything else.

    I guess we gotta just tough it out and know that it's not going to be this insane for much longer. You can do it!
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    Just like debbie - I hear you 500%!! I work over 80 hrs a week as a doc and barely see FI - trying to get wedding stuff done is tough!

    Like debbie said and what has been my mantra, "It will all work out!".  It sounds like you are doing a great job and are on track for an Oct wedding!

    Best of luck, I'm sure your wedding will turn out loverly!
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    I'm sorry!  I know that overwhelming feeling right now, and thats with zero wedding stuff!  Try to take a little time to do something relaxing, and I hope things get better with your foot! 

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    I think it must be very natural to get to this point in your planning and just hit a wall.  I have most of the major stuff booked and done, but all the little DIY stuff is looming.  The checklist seems neverending and I second guess just eloping at least once a day. I know it will all work out - what ever I get done, but the amount of energy you have to muster each day is overwhelming.  I know my job  is suffering and only I am at fault.  I feel like I have to buckle down everywhere and I still feel like a chicken with my head cut off. You are not alone.
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    My only recommendation is to delegate more. LoL I find I am my most stressed when I want to do it all and generally when I take time to look I find a couple things I can give to other people.

    HTH Sorry about the ankle perhaps its someone's way of saying slow down? hehe
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    I haven't gotten to that point yet, but I'm still nearly 8 months out.

    Since you've still got a couple months, can you just take a couple weeks away from wedding-related stuff and get yourself in order?  It sounds like you've got a lot going on right now that's more important than wedding stuff, which it sounds like you've got a really good handle on.  I just hope your ankle heals up fast and in time for your wedding!
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    I am SO right there with you...prolly cuz we are getting married the same weekend :). I agree with the advice to delegate if you can. Would you FI help? Joe keeps asking me what he can do and the hardest part for me is giving him something. I am so type A that i want to do it all but I need to teach myself to let others help!
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    Thanks for the support, gals!  It's good to know I'm not alone.

    I heistate to tell anyone about this in my daily life, because I feel like I sound ungrateful for all the awesome things going on in my life. Sweet new digs, awesome new job complete with 5k salary increase, wedding just around the bend.... it's all GREAT but it's also so much to digest and coordinate at once.

    I have been delegating some... but I need to up my game in that respect. For someone who in a lot of ways is a Type B, lovey-dovey, laid-back person... there are a few things I get super control-freaky about.

    On a side note... do any of you know what the worst thing about a sprained ankle is? The freaking itching! Whenever I take my air splint off... I get this intense itching feeling wayyy below the surface of my skin. I'm sure it's like a pinched nerve sort of thing... but I don't know if there's anything I can do to stop it. I can scratch until the cows come home, but it's futile. Ugh.
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