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prresentations to get free stuff

Has anyone attended those 90 minute presentaions on cookware (or whatever) where you get things like a free trip, gifts, or dinners just for attending? Are they really as good as they sound or is there some other catch besides the trying to sell me whatever they are presenting?

Re: prresentations to get free stuff

  • Sounds shady to me.  Economics taught me "there's no such thing as a free lunch!"
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  • I work at a reception hall and we had one of those come to our venue and try to sell their cookeware to engaged couples. I decided to kind of listen in to see what it was all about and the one we had would make you buy this huge package of cookware ($900 worth) and then for the free trip you had to pay your own airfare and all of the taxes and fees for the trip. And to top it off the trip was to a resort that was not all inclusive so you would have to buy all of your own food and beverages. In the end it didn't seem like you were saving much if any money for that "free" trip.

    So, I personally would stay away from those free trip things.
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    It sounds like the thing we won at a wedding expo. We haven't gone to the warehouse yet but they told us we just go for a presentation and we get a few things including a cruise. They were pretty upfront about what was paid for and not. We would be paying for airfare (not an issue for me) and taxes (which you do anyways on any prize like that). Food is paid for unless we want to go to the "nicer" restaurant. Excursions are also not paid for, so if we want to do something in the Bahamas, we'd pay for that as well. So keep that in mind. It's not a terrible deal (getting cabin and food for free), but just know that you will be paying for quite a bit! We haven't decided yet if we can afford it and we haven't been to the warehouse thing yet to see if they're going to pressure us. If they do, we're out!

    ETA: Forgot to mention that they said a few times that there was NO obligation to buy anything. Make sure they say this and actually follow through!
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  • I went to one of those. Forgot who it was for, some cookware thing. It was an ok presentation, just had to sit there and listen to their schpeel and the food they made from it was super good! Afterwards, they gave us the information on the trip but FI and I never followed up on it. It doesn't hurt to go, you don't have to sign up for anything you don't want to and they don't bombard you with emails or calls. If you really want some new cookware and a trip, go. If not, don't waste your time.
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