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The 5 things I learned, and the 1 regret I had - advice from a married gal!

I wanted to share my thoughts now that we have been married for 19 days!

  1.       Tell your parents that there is a cutoff date to invite people.  No additions or subtractions after that. And make sure that they double check their list

2.       Take a few moments on the day off, close your eyes, and remember how it feels.  It’s going to make it slow down a little.  I used the word “pause!” and whoever was around had to soak it up with me!

3.       Wear your wedding shoes around for a couple weeks beforehand.  Doing the dishes, cleaning the house… your feet with thank you on your wedding day

4.       Its cliché, but not EVERYTHING is NOT going to go the way you planned it.  I did a lot of work and planning beforehand, which really helped, so that I could just enjoy the day.  Plus you are so happy that even if the cake tips over, you are just happy you are married.

5.       It seems like a lot of money, and it totally is, but there are very, very few things that I wasn’t happy that we paid for.  Spending money on a good photographer was the best decision I made, besides my groom.  My priorities were 1. Photographer, 2. Venue/food 3. Dress/Beautification  My 3 lowest priorities were 1. Cake (it just gets eaten right away), 2. DJ (we thought about live music but didn’t feel like it was worth the 20x cost, plus if you surround yourself with fun people, they are going to dance to an iPod!) 3. My shoes (I had $500 Jimmy Choos at one point, but returned and bought a pair 1/6 the price.  They were just a cute!)

My biggest regret is that I didn’t hire a videographer. Photos are great, but there is something about seeing it over again that I would like to have.

If you need vendor recomendations - id be happy to share- we worked with some AMAZING people!

Good luck out there- its a rolleroaster of emotion! :)


Re: The 5 things I learned, and the 1 regret I had - advice from a married gal!

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