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Feeling Overwhelmed

I feel so silly since my wedding is 2 years away...but I'm having such a hard time picking out a ceremony & reception site. This is the 2nd marriage for both of us and we would really like to keep it low-key. Our guest list will be below 100 ppl. We want something outside for both and even through around the idea of having the ceremony in a hot air balloon.

I have ideas in mind - the balloon with a picnic type lunch served at a park in Stillwater but I haven't fallen 100% head over heels for anything just yet.

How did you pick the style & sites for your wedding? I think I'm trying to over analyze things as usual and it's adding a lot of pressure.

Re: Feeling Overwhelmed

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    For us, the most important thing when it came to sites was location and budget. We were able to narrow our search a lot from there. So I would think about your top 2-3 priorities and use that to guide your decision. And once you decide/book a place, you should stop looking. This coming from someone that also overanalyzes to the point of annoying MYSELF :)

    Then for style I wanted something more classic and elegant, so I ended up with the champagne/gold/reds color scheme which was also fitting for a fall wedding.
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    Take a few breaths and give yourself some space to dream for awhile.  It seems like there is so much pressure these days to book venues early.  Of course if you know what you want it's great to have your pick of dates, but you also want to be excited about it!

    Here's what I did, in a shortened version:
    1.  Wrote down a list of adjectives to describe what we wanted our day to feel like (playful, elegant, etc.)
    2.  Slogged through tons of wedding blogs to see what styles spoke to me, just grabbed any picture that struck me.  (Side note: Wishing Pinterest existed when I started planning, this would have made the process of collecting inspiration photos SO much easier and organized - PM if you'd like an invite and don't already have an account).   
    3.  Took a step back and looked at the photos and a theme began to emerge that tied everything together, leading us to a venue that fit this style.

    I'm a firm believer that when you find the right venue it should just feel right.  With a small guest list you open up a lot of possibilities from apple orchards to local vineyards to wedding venues with a focus on the outdoors (Woods Chapel, etc.).  GL on your search and if you need any venue suggestions you are in the right place :)  HTH
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    Definitely the hardest thing for me was to find a venue that not only could hold the guests, but one that we could afford as well. That was a BIG challenge! I too am only having around 100 guests and it's crazy how much some venues charge!

    As far as how I picked the style of the wedding, I'm just going with what appeals to me and not trying to adhere to a specific 'theme'- if that makes sense? I happen to like a lot of different things and I had thought I wanted a more modern site (thats what I tend to gravitate to), but after looking a lot of modern AND traditional (meaning older mansions), I found that I liked a mix of both. The venue I picked is a renovated, older golf club so I got my traditional with the original architecture and the new with all the updated finishes. But of course no matter what, it has to feel right regardless of the style. 
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    I had a super hard time choosing. 

    What I ended up doing is looking at the season I am getting married in and what my favorite thing to do is in that season.  So I am getting married August 2012, and my favorite thing to do in the summer is go up to anyone's cabin up north and just hang out at the lake all weekend.  So I decided I wanted the same feel for my reception.  I won't tell you where my reception will be lest it stifle your own creativity, but I will say that it is indoors, has a ton of natural light, woodsy outdoors, and a lake down the hill. 
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