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How much are your girls shelling out for their bridesmaid dress? I want to make sure I am being realistic with the style I choose in relation to the price being semi affordable. Does 170 before alterations seem expensive for a bm dress?

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  • Yes, that is expensive.  I think mine were 150 WITH alterations.
  • Where did you purchase your dresses?
  • They came from the Wedding Shoppe in St. Paul (alterations done elsewhere)
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    My girls' dresses are from David's Bridal and were $160. They all agreed they were comfortable with that amount and understood that alterations were an additional cost. As long as your bridesmaids are comfortable with it, I say go for it.
  • I paid for my 4 BM dresses, 160 a piece. I thought 160 per dress was a little pricey but that's the one they wanted!
  • Mine were originally 180, but I got the bridal shop to price match with The Wedding Shoppe, which brought them down to $130.  
  • Hello,

    I have 7 bridesmaids of all shapes and sizes so finding a dress that everyone liked was a difficult task. I ended up getting the Sophia Tolli 11224T and it was about $175. The girls understood that this was the only thing they agreed on and were fine to pay the price. However, I still couldn't help but feel guilty. So i am going to reward them with a little bit extra in their present :)
  • I would ask your BM what they are comfortable paying for the dress. It made it less stressful for me knowing what everyone could afford when I was searching for their dresses.
  • My bridesmaid dresses are 240 :( it's expensive but we all love the dresses! They are all comfortable with the prices.
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