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How late is too late on thank you cards

So my wedding was done a month ago.  I wanted to send thank you cards with a professional pic on the thank you card.  So first I had to wait a little over a month to get the pro-pic back.  Then I had to make the actual card on mixbook and it will take 2 1/2-3  weeks before I will get.  Then I will have to actually to write on the thank you cards and mail and I will have a lot going on with finals, holidays etc.  So I might hit the 3 month mark before the thank you cards are sent.  Is that too long....are people expecting a thank card by now?  

Re: How late is too late on thank you cards

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    As long as it was handwritten I would have no problem (as a guest) waiting for 3 months especially around the holidays and if you are still in schdool (with finals). I have a feeling people will be busy as well. I'm sure they will notice the pro pics and get why you waited.

    However, I waited months for a thank you card that was basically a holiday card. (It had pro pics of the couple on it with Thanks, from Bride Groom-- nothing mentioned the gift and the address was a label). <--- Now that peeved me.
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    I agree that people will be understanding as long as it's truly a traditional thank you note. With that in mind, however, I would work a little harder than you normally would to get them out quickly once you get the cards with the pro pics. 3 months is alright, but getting towards 4 might have people started to be upset (at least thats a general timeframe for my family).
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    I agree with the others. You and your H will have to work extra hard on getting those out as soon as possible, but I am sure guests will be understanding!
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    As long as it's in the 2-3 month range- I think you'd be okay. I do agree with the others that it should be more of a traditional thank you card to make up for the longer wait.
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    I agree with SSaltzman
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    Agreed - as long as it's hand done, I'd be ok with waiting. I attended a wedding in the beginning of August and still haven't gotten a thank you...I'm a bit peeved at the bride. Especially since she's a good friend of mine and I see everything else that she's doing on Facebook...
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    I believe proper etiquette allows for 6 months from the wedding, but agree with others that 2-3 months is probably ideal, but understandable if a bit longer given this time of year, etc.
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    I agree with everyone 3 months will be good.. I know we waited for a thank-you from a wedding we went to over 6 months and they weren't personalized at all it was just a Christmas card with a picture of them that said thank you.. I wasn't too impressed but from the sound of it you are really wanting them to be from the heart and the professional pictures. I wouldn't worry :D Congrats btw
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    We had to wait for our pro pics to come back (a month) and then I designed and ordered postcards from Vistaprint and with shipping that took another month and then with actually writing them all out and addressing them that took another couple of weeks. 3 days from today will be 3 months out from my wedding (geez!) and I just sent them out about a week and a half ago.

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