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NWR: Financial Advisor Recs?

Does anyone have any recommendations for financial advisors? Now that DH and I are married, I want some help figuring out how best to combine our finances and tackle my embarrassingly large amount of credit card debt. We have our own ideas of how to do things, but I'd also really like a professional opinion.

It seems like a lot of the ones I've looked into are more specialized in dealing with incredibly wealthy people who have a lot of money to throw into the stock market and such. That's obviously not what I need. I'm just tired of living paycheck-to-paycheck when I make a perfectly reasonable amount of money.... and I don't necessarily want to just look at my new hubs and say "Hey, you make 35% more money than I do... can you pay off these credit cards I racked up before we even got engaged?" I just need someone to tell me precisely what I need to do, what expenses I should cut, and what I should pay off first and how.

P.S. This question was inspired by a panic attack induced by spending 30 minutes on The Nest during my lunch break ;-) I was tempted to ask Nesties, but I trust you guys more!

Re: NWR: Financial Advisor Recs?

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    I have a WONDERFUL financial advisor, I've been working with her since I got out of college and she has been helping me save and invest what little extra I have every month, plus giving me great advice on how to best pay loans off and what to pay off first.  She is through Northwestern Mutual, and her name is Katherine Forrester Wirth.  Email is [email protected], but you'll probably hear back from her assistant Andie to set up a meeting.  She doesn't charge to meet with her, but that's probably because I also invest with her (Roth IRA, mutual funds, life insurance, etc).  So if you are just looking for advice, she may charge for that or refer you to someone else.  But I would definitely start with her, she's amazing!  If you talk to her, you can tell her Jenn referred you - I used to live with Andie so she'll know who I am ;)


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