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brides with midwest light and sound as your dj!

do they require a meal?  i can't find anything regarding it in the contract! 

Re: brides with midwest light and sound as your dj!

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    we had them for our wedding and they said it wasn't required, but we provided one anyways because we knew the DJ was going to be there all night. I believe the etiquette is to include vendors that are there during the dinner.
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    We provided food, as well. I would be super pissy going to a job from 4:30-midnight and not being able to eat.
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    I say do what you want. But exactly what Annie said, I'd suck to not have food, esp since our DJ is gonna be at ours from probably 3 ish to midnight! We will do the same for our photographer. 
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    I used to work for them, and no it's definitely not in the contract. Please feed the DJ if you can, though. I usually didn't get fed, and most wedding Saturdays I ended up eating mostly granola bars and Pringles and other portable, noncrushable snacks. Not fun.
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    We asked ours but he declined.  Our wedding was on a Friday and he didn't even have to start setting up until 6 so he just ate at home.  We were prepared to feed him though!  I think it is a nice gesture for  your vendors who have been working hard on your behalf all day.  We opted to feed the rest of our vendors the same meal we served everyone else rather than the "vendor" boxed lunch sets that the reception site provided.  They deserved a good meal.
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