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Bridal processional too long..but I want to keep it...thoughts?

My processional song is about 2 minutes.  It's beautiful, has meaning and I'd like to play the whole thing.  It's only (I think) going to take me about 20 seconds to walk down the aisle (thats really just a guess), then FI and my mom will hug, mom and I will hug (she's walking me down the aisle)......so we've used up like 45 seconds....LOL......is there anything I can do to make it drag a little? 
Or is okay to just let it play it's course?
Our mom's are going to add a "foundation" to our sand ceremony....could they do this during that time, or should this song really just be about the bride meeting the groom at the opposite end???  advice!

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Re: Bridal processional too long..but I want to keep it...thoughts?

  • hkieslinghkiesling member
    edited December 2011
    Do you have FGs or RBs?  My song was a little long, too (Truly Madly Deeply).  Since a friend was singing it to piano, we had them cut out a few lines.  Then they started the song and my FGs walked down to the first verse and when the song kicked up a bit I walked down with my dad.  It's okay to let a little music play before you start walking, too.  There'll be a few extra seconds where you pause and everyone stands up, too.  And it can play a little longer while your mom sits down and your MOH straightens your train.
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