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When to start first alteration?

Hi Ladies,
I bought my dress from Priscilla who went out of business in December.  I've been looking at several places for alterations and everyone has told me to wait until March or April to start the alteration process since my wedding will be in June 2012.  However, I've been reading different posts on here and noticed that some of you ladies start the alteration process early.  Should I wait or should I just make an appointment to start the process now?  I just want there to be enough time for it.  Thanks for the advice :) 

Re: When to start first alteration?

  • I've heard that you should do alterations at least 4 to 6 months ahead of time. 
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  • I called for alterations for my June wedding and was told to make a 1st appointment at the end of March or early April.
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    [QUOTE]I called for alterations for my June wedding and was told to make a 1st appointment at the end of March or early April.
    Posted by Sscholfield[/QUOTE]
    I noticed that we are getting married on the same day, June 9th, 2012 :)  Are you going to wait until March or early April for the alteration then?
  • Couple months beforehand seems pretty common. That is what I did as well.
  • I was under the impression that it's one appointment,  two months ahead?  Is it really a step by step process that takes up two or more appointments?
  • A couple months. I just brought my dress in and I'm getting married in May.
  • Yes - it may be a step by step process depending on what you  need done and how your seamstress works best.  I had a hem, bustle, and a panel placed in the deep V of my gown to hold the girls in better - didnt' want to worry about anything shaking loose on the dance floor!  :)  My first appt was for the hem alone.  once that was right, then we tackled the bustle on my 2nd and also talked about the panel.  For the 3rd, we met and went over how to use the bustle.  I picked it up at a 4th (and it wasn't done which made me super frazzled since it was 2 days before the wedding!).

    I wouldn't start your apointments until you're about 2 months out from the wedding.  Your size can go up or down a bit and it makes sense to do it when you're pretty sure you won't change much more - or if you do, it won't be dramatically. 
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    I got married in June 2011 and started my alterations in December 2010.  I had planned on waiting until mid-March to start alterations, but the store that I bought my dress at was running a promotion of 10% alterations for the month of December.  I figured it had to get altered either way, so why not. You have multiple fittings all the way up until a few weeks before your wedding date, so if anything changes between now and then, they can adjust for it. (I also assured by the store that starting alterations that early wouldn't be a problem)

    My alterations included:
    -4 inches off of the bottom (I'm only 4'11")
    -both sides taken in
    -taken in at the waist
    -cups sewn into the bust
    *I will also note that I had bought a sample dress/off the rack that was WAAY too big (like 4-5 sizes too big), which is also why I think it wasn't such a big deal to start so early since so much was needed to be taken in /shortened.
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  • It never hurts to get it done early. You never know what you might need, better to be on the safe side.
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  • I think I'm the rare bride because my wedding was Jan 6th... my first fitting was Dec 7th, lol. But I was getting married during a pretty slow time so my alterations appts (3 total) were about a week or so apart, since Brenda had a lot of time on her hands. It makes more sense to have them more spread out during the busier wedding months.
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: When to start first alteration? : I noticed that we are getting married on the same day, June 9th, 2012 :)  Are you going to wait until March or early April for the alteration then?
    Posted by vs0609[/QUOTE]

    It's going to be a great day! I'll probably make my first appointment at the end of March...My dress is a couple of sizes too big, so I want to give Louise plenty of time to work on it!
  • My wedding was in July and I started the process in March/April. I wanted to do it early so that I was more assured that I would have it ready on time. I only had cosmetic stuff done to the dress vs fit stuff, so mine would not have needed that long. However, the seamstress working on my dress at the shop had a heart attack and they had to move stuff around. In the end I was glad that I did it early because you never know what will come up.
  • I started alterations in mid-December for my late-February wedding. It's important to not start too early, especially if your weight is fluctuating, which can make for a poor-fitting dress on your wedding day.
  • Mine fitted me to a T but had a baby in Oct 2010 so now my boobs are way too big for my dress.

  • I called Amazing Alterations to ask this as well and she is having me come in for my first one 3 months before our wedding day to see what all needs to be done.
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