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Theodore Wirth Fireplace Room

I am not engaged yet but my boyfriend and I have been talking about a winter wedding and I'm obsessed with the Theodore Wirth Park Fireplace Room. Does anyone know if it's open year round? I haven't seen any pictures taken of it in the winter and I know it's attached to the golf course which is (obviously) closed during the winter. 

Thanks for your help!! 

Re: Theodore Wirth Fireplace Room

  • I toured there when I was looking for venues. Super gorgeous from the outside!
    For the tour, I entered from a lower level door. It STUNK bad in there. Then we went up these creaky ass steps to get to the room. I was dissapointed.
    It's small, like really small. I think she said you can fit 100 people in there but I really don't see how that would work. There is a small "hallway" that separates two areas and that just seemed illogical to me. There are limited outlets/electricity supply because it's an older building.
    The room just seemed so dark and dreary to me. I love wood-beamed ceilings, which is why I was draw to this venue, but it's ALL dark wood and just wasn't right for me.

    I think it'd be better suited for a small vintage-y/whimsy type of event...which is not what I am going for.

    I believe the Chalet is limitedly open during the winter but don't quote me on that.
  • I could not disagree with you more. I am having my wedding there in July, and it is perfect for us. When you rent the fireplace room, you typically enter from the outside, via the stone stairways, not through the downstairs which is used for skiers, golfers, etc. Also, it is an older building, but I find it rustic, not at all dreary. We LOVE it, and it will be beautiful. It is open year round, although it is used a lot in the winter for various ski events. It isn't a huge venue. The main room seats 100. You can seat an additional 32 using the pub room (yes, it is separated by a wide hallway) and the four season porch. I have seen it with the tables and chairs set up in the fireplace room, and yes, it does seat 100 there. We are going to have 100 guests, which these days seem to be a "small" wedding. I like the pub room being a little separated from the main space, as we'll have the bard set up in there, and it will be a good conversation area away from the music. So it all depends on what you are looking for, but for us, this was exactly what I wanted.
  • Thank you so much for both of your responses! I am definitely going to be looking for something pretty rustic so I'm excited to get to go check it out at some point. As for the size, we want to stay right under 100 and it is really hard to find a space that is made for that size so I think it would be really nice for us in that regard. Most spaces seem to be made for events much smaller or much larger. I can't find very many that are tailored to our size!

    Again, thanks so much ladies! It's nice to hear different people's ideas on a place I've only seen in pictures so far. 
  • Oh, also, sorry that my posts are showing up as 2 separate people! That first account was something I made in high school and forgot it still existed until I realized I was logged in under it! 
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