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My wedding was months ago, but I just wanted to give you all an update on how the vendors were. We picked pretty much the cheapest ones that we could find, so if anyone is on a budget, these might be helpful.

Venue: Dahlgreen Golf Club in Chaska: A++. They were great! We were worried they would be bad since they had some negative reviews on here, but wow were they amazing. Cheapest place I could find too that still looked good. Here is a picture from our wedding day- head table.

Food: Dahlgreen: B+. The actual food was great! We got lots of compliments. The only bad part was the punch. It tasted... weird. Everything else rocked though. We also had a sundae bar, which was a huge hit with our guests. 

Dress: David's Bridal. B+. They were okay, but my dress did have some beading that was falling off.

DJ: Neon Express A+: They were AWESOME! And very very cheap. I really loved them. The guy who did our wedding was easy to work with. We gave him ZERO suggestions since we just aren't music people, but our dance floor was packed all night. Love love love them. Also, they brought lights and other cool stuff, which was a nice touch.

Photog: Avant Photography: A. We loved her. Laura rocked. She arrived on time, took lots of great pictures, and even stayed late (and did not charge us extra!). We were running a bit behind schedule, but she still stayed through our first dances to get some pictures of that. I loved all of our pictures. 

Flowers: Bachmans: A+. The flowers were beautiful. More pretty than I had even expected. They arrived on time, and were all there. They were more expensive, but this was my mother's gift to me. 

Veil: Valueveil.com: A. The veil was great- and only $15! The only issue was that it did not stay in my hair due to the way my hair was done. I did wear it for some pictures, but took it off after them.

Makeup and Hair:  Leah Terres: A++:  The makeup lady was great! She came to where I was getting ready, and it lasted all day. I did not get airbrush, and I am so glad I did not. The hair person that Leah had come was also awesome. Both were very friendly during hte trial and the day of, and my mom still talks to Leah even. 

And a hair picture after a whole 10 hours since getting ready until the first dance. Look how great it looks still.

And a makeup pic: 

I think that's it! All in all, a great day! :)
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