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Wanted: outdoor ceremony/indoor reception. Need help!

I'm from MN but currently live in Colorado.  We are wanting to marry in June 2011 in MN, somewhere close to the cities.  Ideally, we'd like an outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception.  I'm having trouble researching on the internet because only the larger, popular venues have a lot of information.

Does anyone have suggestions on where we might be able to host an outdoor ceremony (preferabally in a garden, on a lake, or with some beautiful scenery).  Or, suggestions for the indoor reception where we can bring our own liquor and have catering options?  I'm interested in this option to cut costs.


Re: Wanted: outdoor ceremony/indoor reception. Need help!

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    One of my favorite places we toured was Black Bear Crossings (<click).  We only decided to go elsewhere, because their indoor ceremony space wasn't big enough (we're getting married in November.)  

    How many people are you looking at inviting? How much do you want to spend?
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    If you search Minneapolis Parks Weddings there is a list of parks for outdoor ceremonies.
    I am having my ceremony at Lyndale Park Peace/Rock Garden. And my reception is at FIVE Event Center in Uptown- you can't bring your own alcohol, but they do allow you to bring your own caterer.
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    I am having an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception at Millennium Gardens/Plymouth Creek Center in Plymouth. It is a beautiful spot, and the reception hall is very nice. However they book out REALLY fast, so if you are interested I suggest booking ASAP.
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    The Historic Courthouse in STillwater has the option for indoor or outdoor ceremony and indoor ceremony. The max capacity is 200, but it's really pretty and overlooks the St. Croix river!
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    The Eagan Community Center was our reception site and it is much more beautiful than your typical community center and very reasonably priced.

    They have a pond with walking trails where you can have an outdoor ceremony. Then, you can go right inside for the reception (and still have full access to the outside).  You do need to choose from the caterers and liquor, but it was much more reasonable than the other places we looked.

    Good luck! 
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    I am doing an outdoor ceremony with indoor reception but I know my venue (Mississippi Dunes) is already booked for June, unless you're willing to do a Friday wedding. Some other options you could look at are Bayview Event Center (Lake Minnetonka) where you could do both ceremony and reception. Some other cool places for just the ceremony would be the Lake Harriet Bandshell or the Lyndale Rose Gardens by Lake Harriet. I think you can do outdoor ceremonies by the gardens at Como Zoo or in the Sculpture Garden too.  Good luck!

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    Thanks for the advice.  Millennium Gardens is already booked, and I have strongly considered Black Bear Crossing.  My question to Kayla514 is: what do you do if it rains?  Does the Lyndale gardens area have an indoor/sheltered backup?  That's been my biggest concern when trying to find places.
    I'd ideally like to spend under $2K on the ceremony/reception sites, but am having trouble finding that.  However, I'm willing to go more expensive if need be.
    Has anyone had a wedding at the Summit House?  Or Central Park in Woodbury?  My parents found that one and liked it...however it doesn't seem very "wedding-ish" but more of an auditorium.
    Another site I found was the Silver Wood park in St. Anthony, however they say you can't have hard alcohol.
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    If you will have >100 guests at the CM, I second the Lake Harriet Bandshell or Black Bear Crossings at Como Lake.
    Also, you could look into the Calhoun Beach Club.  The CM could occur on their patio that kind-of overlooks Lk Calhoun.  If it rains, it could happen in their elegant sideroom (really cool "getting ready" room for the bride and attendants, too).  They have a marvelous, elegant space for the reception.  Since you want to have both the CM and RC there... my advice for keeping things w/in budget - you can totally negotiate with Dámico. :)
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    You could try The Refuge in Oak Grove, it is just on the outer edge of the twin cities area. You won't be able to bring in your own caterer/ alcohol, but well worth looking in to. They have an outdoor ceremony site, and if it rains they have a HUGE patio, so you can still be outdoors, and of course a very nice indoor Banquet room.
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    I lived in CO for 6 years! Went to CU-Boulder for college and stuck around until my job sent me to Chicago -- and we're hoping to move back to CO next year! Anyhow ...

    I've got a spreadsheet of almost 40 different venues that offer this type of setting. PM me with your email address and I will gladly send it to you. 

    We went with The Little Log House. Our ceremony is in their outdoor garden (it's beautiful! Has a water wheel and cool little paths through all the flowers, and a little stone arch bridge). The guests sit on an open grass lawn and the ceremony takes place with the backdrop of the garden and trees. It's out in the country. 

    Also on site is their indoor reception venue which is what totally sold us. It's lodge-style and a huge open space, giant wood beams and wrought iron chandeliers. The whole property is awesome and they have been excellent to work with.

    In case of rain: They have a chapel onsite (not with a congregation -- it's just a building on the property) that can hold I think around 150? We have about 250 coming and really didn't want it in a church, so we're renting a tent in case of rain through one of their recommended vendors - it's super reasonable, too.
    Alcohol: You buy through them and they provide the bartenders. Can't bring in your own unless it's homemade wine.
    Food: Any licensed caterer.

    Anyways, here is the reception venue:

    And here is the garden:
    Married and lovin' it!
    Our Wedding! (click.)
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    @ debbieupper: apparently private messaging is not working...and I would LOVE to see your list!!!  here is my email: [email protected]
    Thanks so much, I did see the Little Log House, and they are on my list to call :)
    I hope you have a beautiful wedding!
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