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AW 6 months!

So I knew this day would always come when we were exactly 6 months away from the wedding but it also happened to land on the day the Royal Wedding occured... I have to admit I'm a sap and have watched on and off all day about William and Kate. I also looked at my to do list knowing 6 months left is not really all that long and realized I have a lot of projects to do! My weekend will be filled with them! Hooray!
Tonight I finished the hangers for the BMs. I decided that I'm going to do the Jr. BM and FG in rhinestones versus wire - I'll posst pictures when I find my camera again!

Re: AW 6 months!

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    Such a great feeling huh?? It's 5 months for me tomorrow!  I just can't wait for it to be here already. 
    Hitched! 09.30.11
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    I'm rapidly counting down to the 5 month mark as well, it is amazing how fast the time goes. You do start to realize that if progress does not start being made on some DIY projects they probably won't happen! I just started working on the invitation design yesterday and realizing I need to get a handle on timelines, for some reason that has been the hardest thing to decide on. The planning process and anticipation has been so much fun though, I'm almost dreading the day when it is all over.
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    Oh congrats! I wish I were that close.. were getting very close to a year and I'm excited about that! GL on the hangers!
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