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WTF Wednesday?

Open letters?


Dear FI,

I love you & you are going to do AMAZING at your interview today.  I'm hoping & praying for you, because it would be amazing if you could get into this department!  We'll get there soon honey, keep your chin up.  It's just a matter of time before everything falls into place for us!  <3

Dear back,

Why do you hurt so much today?  It's going to make it hard to sit at my desk & do my job, when your killing me already & it's only 6:30 in the morning... Bleh!  Time for some ibuprofen! 

In pain
Dear allergies,

You SUCK!  I wish you would go away, because I can't breathe, my nose itches like crazy & my eyes are leaking.  I'm a complete fricken mess, thanks to you. 

Your not so biggest fan!

Re: WTF Wednesday?

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    Dear Coffee,
    This morning you are my best friend... I love you please stay in my system so I can make my hour and twenty minute drive this morning and then again this afternoon thanks to a client in northern MN.
    Please & Thank You,
    Your biggest sleepy fan

    Dear Invitatations,
    Please finish yourself before I get home tonight. I would love to see them sitting on the coffee table all put together and ready to be stuffed into the pocketfolds!
    With Love,
    The girl who doesn't want to spend another night pasting, mounting and stacking her wedding invitations!
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    Dear Crazy, Psychotic Neighbor:

    Leave me, FI and our adorable dog alone. We've done NOTHING to make you such a witch toward us. You also need to quit using your own dog as an excuse to try and snoop on our other neighbors. 


    The Neighbor that Attempted to be nice
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    White Knot

    Planning Bio-Added FOR SALE page, will be adding more stuff to it soon! 
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    Dear Photographer,

    I would have liked to been kept in the loop about my CD of e-pics you were supposed to be sending me.. I understand things get lost in the mail, but I would have liked to atleast know about it.

    Anxiously Awaiting Bride

    (For the record: He contacted me and apologized up and down about not getting me my pictures when promised and will be webtransferring them tomorrow, and also offered me a $50 credit.. so that makes up for it!)
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    Possibly TMI but

    Dear Ovary
    Why must you hurt me so much?  Five days of stabbing pain is just too much and now I must miss work (possibly miss making my bonus payout) and go to the DR.  I really dislike you right now but hopefully you will calm it down a bit ok.  Please dont be seriouly injured though, I would like children soon.
    Girl in pain
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    Dear Service Techs,

    I know that I'm young enough to be your daughter, maybe even your granddaughter, but PLEASE respect the fact that I'm your dispatcher and it's my JOB to tell you where to go every day. This morning you went to the exact place I told you last night NOT to go! Now I'm awaiting angry calls from customers wondering why the heck you aren't where I told you to go. I'm wondering the same thing. Do I need to turn into a bitch to get you to listen to me?

    Sincerely, Fed Up

    Dear Doc,

    Please please please just prescribe some frickin meds for me! I've been sick for four weeks now and my wedding is a week and a half away! I haven't been able to enjoy the business of planning because of feeling like crap, and it's wearing on FI too. If I'm hacking a lung as I walk up the aisle, you're to blame!

    Love, Coughy, Sneezy, Pukey, Weary,Crabby
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    Dear random guy,

    Please dont go and get the puppy. Hes MINE and Ive fallen in love with him. Also I get him if you don't show up by Fri. So DONT SHOW UP!

    Fallen deeply for a sweet lil puppy doggie
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    Dear FI,

    Thank you for picking up the slack around here since I'm so busy with school.  You have been AMAZING, and I wish I could properly express my gratitude.

    Your thankful FI

    So In Love

    Josh and Renata's Wedding

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