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Hi! I haven't been around the discussion boards much before but would LOVE any and all opinions for hair and makeup services in/around St. Paul.  The wedding is June 23. I haven't stressed out about much of the planning yet, but for some reason this task is getting to me.

As the bride, I'm willing to spend a bit more, but want to make sure I find a place that is affordable for my girls too (most will only be doing hair; a few want to do makeup as well). I could go somewhere different, but I like the idea of us all being together. There will be 6 bridesmaids, me, and possibly the moms, too. So that's the other wrinke; finding somewhere that can accomodate us all

Any recommendations for salons or people who come to you on the day of? Thank you!!

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Re: Hair + makeup in St. Paul

  • I'll be using Julie Swenson/The Beauty Lounge and they are based in Saint Paul (MacGrove area) but they travel to you.  The prices have been great, and she used to own Smart and Chic, so the talent/what they can do is awesome!  I have six girls + moms, and she's bringing two other people. 
  • With it being a Saturday in June with you wanting 7-9 ppl at the same time, I'd recommend trying to get this booked soon. 
    I have been to Ficocellos on Snelling & Randolph a number of times as a BM and that location has the added bonus of the salon and the school right next to each other... so that might be a good option for you. 
    You could also try salongeorge, off Univ & Raymond, although the chances of getting all of you in at the exact same time are pretty slim.  What we did for mine was have 4 ppl at one time and the other 4 an hour later.  I was there the whole time, first getting my hair done, then getting makeup done.  That worked out well for us. 
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  • Check out Aimee Grosso makeup LLC.. I am using her in September and she is pretty affordable
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  • Smart and Chic Bride is another popular choice around here. They recently merged with another company and their organization is much more responsive now. Their makeup & hair artists are extremely talented.
  • For a friend's wedding last summer we used Details' Salon. It's right behind the St. Paul Hotel so super close to the Rice Park/Landmark Center area. We had 6 girls getting their hair done and had 3 girls getting done at once so it worked pretty well. Prices were about $55 per updo. 

    They also had a girl to do makeup but she was absolutely horrible. A couple bridesmaids got their makeup done by her and it had to be redone by the makeup artist the bride hired for herself at the hotel. (Just because our bridesmaid dresses are cornflower blue doesn't mean the eyeshadow has to match!) 

    I would definitely recommend the hairstylists but not the makeup artists there.
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