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Shoe advice!

So I found these shoes via google imaging since I was not finding any shoes I liked yet - and it turns out they are ONLY sold in the UK.   Has anyone seen anything like this sold at a vendor in the United States?   I just love them and don't want to order my shoes overseas.....

Thoughts?!   Suggestions?  Thank you in-advance!

Re: Shoe advice!

  • try My Glass Slipper.com  they have all types of shioes that are dyeable with bling like that
  • I would try endless.com. They have a HUGE variety and you can search by size, color, style, and heel all at the same time. You might even be able to get a white satin shoe and add a shoe clip to it.
  • I like shoebuy.com and 6pm.com for online shoe shopping. For the same reasons graysquirrel likes endless.com. Shoebuy has free shipping both ways, so it's easy to return things if you need to.
  • Thanks for all the suggestions!  I went through all the sites and just wasn't finding anything that was me - probably because I couldn't get this picture out of my head.  By some miracle I found this shoe on clearance in the UK, and they ship international.  With the clearance price, it wasn't too bad with the conversion.  It is my birthday present to myself!  :) 

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