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Things to do by the UofM (aka the PEC)?

I am including a page in the back of our program that has "Things To Do in the Area." There is about a 30 minute gap that guest might have between the ceremony in White Bear and our reception at the PEC and I wanted to make sure they had some ideas of places they could go if need be.

Anyone who graduated from the U that might have some good hang out spots in Dinkytown? Maybe something on the PEC side?

For those who dont know, the PEC is off University maybe one or two blocks down from the TCF stadium.


Re: Things to do by the UofM (aka the PEC)?

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    Danielle, YGPM.

    I'll send you my real wedding website, with a ton of info.  :)
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    In case anyone else is interested, here's some of the stuff we included:

    University of Minnesota (we met here, we both have degrees from here, and there's so much to see!)

    Arts: www1.umn.edu/twincities/arts.php

    Sports: www.gophersports.com (most schedules are released in August)

    More resources to guide you around the Twin Cities:

    Meet Minneapoliswww.minneapolis.org

    St Paul Visitors Guidewww.stpaulcvb.org

    Mall of Americawww.mallofamerica.com

    More awesome food suggestions near the U!


    ETA: Maybe refer people to more of the Stadium View stuff...  Stub & Herbs is always a family favorite (it was my dad's hangout when he was at the U!)  There's a rumor that BWW is going into that old Station 19 building (probably not by October though).  Sally's is always my favorite, and Punch Pizza is over there now too.

    Sadly, there's not much "hang out" stuff in that area, though. Just a ton of restaurants.www.ima.umn.edu/visitor-folder/dining/dining.html">

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    Sally's has good Long Island Teas... that's the only thing I can really think of to kill a short amount of time...

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    PEC is like 5 blocks from Cupcake, an uber adorable coffee shop/bakery that also happens to doing the cake/cupcakes for my wedding. Not sure you want people gorging on cupcakes before your reception... but they also have really great coffee.

    While the "Stadium Village" neighborhood/part of campus (which runs down Washington) may be a little closer... it's much easier to just putz around it Dinkytown, which is a little ways up University. There are lots of weird little shops up there (less than when I was in school... it seems to be headed in a decidedly more big-name direction these days... but it's still fun IMO.)
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    ooh Cupcake is really good!  I think they serve 'real' food too? Like sandwiches and stuff :)
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    Is the Purple Onion still around?  I always liked hanging out there when I had a couple classes at the U of M.  It seems that most other stuff is either a typical college bar or restaurant, and you probably don't want people eating/drinking before they get to your reception.

    We're going to run into the same problem, so I'm hoping people won't mind either wandering around the sculpture garden in their finery or doing a little shopping in the Grand/Victoria neighborhood.
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    Thanks ladies! This was really helpful!

    Here is what I have put together so far for that page in our program...

    I still have room and can make changes so let me know what you think!
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    DrDifabio, you might want to check your spelling of Bruegger's. : )
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    I Want Cake - Thanks! And I copied that directly off one of the websites Steph had posted and didnt even think to check if it was spelt correctly!

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    Danielle, would you be willing to share your program with me when you're done?  I'm still looking for examples of ceremony programs, and your stuff is always so helpful!  Would really appreciate it...
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    Shameless - I would be happy to! I am working on them but prolly wont have them done until a couple weeks out. Do you just want to see what I have so far? It is a very rough draft and hasnt been okayed by they church yet so I am not sure how helpful it will be but if you want it just PM me your email and i will email it to you.
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