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Guest book sign wording....ideas?!?!

Hey ladies,
   My brain and creativity are fading fast...can I get some ideas from y'all please?? Fast is good....my wedding is in a week!


Re: Guest book sign wording....ideas?!?!

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    This isn't the help you're looking for, but... do you need a sign?  I'm sure people will know what to do!  This is one of those details I'm likely to say "f' it" to the last week ;)  I'm sure if you just put a sign saying "Guestbook" people will figure it out!
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    Simple is good. I'm not sure on the style of your guest book... but if it's the standard, traditional nice book & nice pen, just say "Thank you for sharing our day with us. Please sign our guest book." - in a nice scripty font w/your damask swoosh at the top!
    "Please sign our guest book to commemorate this special day." (eh)
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    reviews to come, i promise
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    We kept ours pretty simple.  "Please feel free to sign our guest book"

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    We put out a sign just so people could spot it from across the room (most people would beline right for the bar while waiting, so to draw attention to it I think it's a good idea!)  Ours just said "Guest Book <--(in green & caps at the top)    Please leave well-wishes for the bride & groom"  <-- (in blue script underneath)   It's an easy and quick project, doesn't need to be that involved or ornate, GL!
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