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PEC Brides

DId any of you use glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets?  If so, do you have any photos you can share?

What did you use for centerpieces?

I'm not really into flowers all that much and I'm looking for something that will embrace that party/fun theme!

Thanks :)

Re: PEC Brides

  • I'm planning on getting glow in the dark necklaces too! I think they will look awesome in either room with all the fun lighting. :)

    I'm doing branch centerpieces, kinda similar to the pictures below. I'm going to cover the base with green moss and add just a few fresh flowers around the trunk of the tree. Instead of real flowers in the branches, I'm using wood shaving roses from Accents and Petals and gluing them to the branches, and instead of hanging candles, I'm basically making Fairy Berries (small glowing balls). I think both of the rooms at PEC lend themselves to tall centerpiece arrangments, which is why I went with branches. I plan on just getting branches from my aunt's backyard and spraypainting them silver.

  • Our wedding was super low-key, so this probably won't help much. ;)  But we were in the Casablanca room back in 11/10 (holy crap that seems like a long time ago.)  That was pre-renos, but if you want some more pictures:

    We had very simple CPs (I was cheap, and didn't care much about flowers.)  You can see them on that link up there too.

    Have fun! I absolutely loved PEC and our guests STILL rave about the food (over a year later!) Heather is an absolute doll too. :)
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