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Minnesota-Minneapolis and St. Paul

Winter 2013 Venue

My (basically) fiance and I are planning on getting married in December of 2013. He's in the Marine Corps stationed in Japan right now and won't be back in the states until then. I'm going to visit him in March, and that's when he'll officially propose (and we'll tell people), but we want to get started on plans right now because the sooner the better, of course.

The plan originally was to get married in April when he came back to the states, but with all the paperwork and rules with marrying the military it makes more sense to do so in December. We wanted the whole outdoor'/barn/rustic theme, but with how much snow we get and everything like that it's not plausible for December.

So, really all I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for venues and what not in December that could still pull off the rustic theme and what not. We're looking for more Central Minnesota area, including the Twin Cities possibly, or maybe slightly up North. Honestly we're open to anything MN/WI/IA area so long as it fits our budget (~$10k) and what we're looking for.

We don't want to settle just because the military complicates everything! Thanks in advance, by the way.

Re: Winter 2013 Venue

  • Wow! I give props to you for being a military SO. That requires a lot of patience! My FI's brother is in the Marines and from what I understand, the military is pretty unpredictable. Are you willing to wait on booking things until you know he will for sure be home? FI's brother was hoping to be in our wedding next year, but with all of the stuff going on in Libya and whatnot, we are not sure if that will even be possible.

    Anyway, good luck! I don't have any advice for a rustic look for you, but I hope you find something and it works out. Also, thank your man for his service! Semper Fi!
  • I don't have any venue suggestions, but I thought you might really enjoy looking at this former Knottie bio, who had an unbelievably cool winter wedding:


    You'll find cool ideas for everything from music to beverages to decor and attire! Her ideas are so cool that you could practically have your wedding anywhere and it would turn out great. TheKnot featured her wedding a couple of years back, and you'll see why. A lot of the ideas are low-cost or no-cost, too :-).
  • For central MN, maybe Mulligan's, Blackberry Ridge or the St. Cloud Country Club? I've been to or seen weddings at these places and they're all nice! Maybe less "rustic" feeling but the Red Carpet has an awesome room to do receptions at. I happened to be at the Carpet the night one of the fraternities was having their formal there so I ended up hanging out in there a while.. it's a little on the smaller side but it's really nice! I think decently priced too if I remember right when I was planning formals :-)
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