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Does anyone know any cost effective places for wedding invites?  Also, any local places that you would recommend that are on the cheaper end?

I was thinking of going to Archiver's & making them myself but I only 4 months before the wedding.


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    Archivers is extremely expensive. IMO. Check out Paper Depot in Mpls the have most of the paper in stock. if not they get in within a couple days. they also have all the equipment to cut and will walk you through setting your printer settings to print them.
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    I bought kits at Michaels. They were super easy to put together (just print and assemble... no cutting required) and were really affordable. I think they start at about $1.20 per invitation... but you can really easily get 40% off with coupons (they give them out like candy!)

    Mine were square pocketfolds, so I ended up spending a lot on postage ($1.54 a piece including the RSVP return-envelope stamps) so I was super glad to have saved so much on the actual invitations.

    Also, I got rave reviews about how pretty they were :-)
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    Archivers is expensive but if you have a lot of time I recommend having your friends and bridal party start stocking up on their "free 5 pieces of cardstock" coupons.  Within three months you could have close to 25 sheets for free!  I always try to stock up because if I don't use them for the invites I can always use them for thank you cards!
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    I also got Michaels invitations with their awesome coupons. I have not printed them yet, but they are high quality and come with practically everything you need. Just put them through your printer and send em out. You can also buy invitations pretty cheaply on vista print, but they aren't going to be nearly as fancy. 
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    Achievers is super expensive.  Try Anchor Paper, that's who we used.  Super friendly and helpful and very reasonable prices.

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    Get on the VistaPrint website and get on their mailing list.   They have specials/sales all the time.  I ended up getting my invites for about $150-175 because they were having a 50% off sale.  I think they arrived 7-10 days after I ordered them. 
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    the invitation kits at Michaels or JoAnns are extremely reasonable - especially if you use a coupon.  We ordered our invitation supplies from Cardsandpockets which I'm assembling myself (none of the boxed ones suited my tastes)-for just under $200 for $130 invites.  

    Cardsandpockets is still having their sale through the end of the day.  20% off everything.
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    Definitely Anchor Paper! I picked out what I wanted at Paper Source, went to Anchor Paper's website, ordered online at around 11:30am and received my paper the next day! And their prices can't be beat.
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    Initially we used VistaPrint but had a horrible experience. 3 different times we ordered and eachbtime there was something wrong with the qualitiy-color and/or cut.  There was no way I was gonna send them out.  We ended up using zazzle.com and were very pleased! Youu could customize EVERYTHING down to design, layout, font, and paper type! VERY pleased and they were reasonable.
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