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Re-intro with new account!

Hello again!  I was having trouble getting my old account (Kelly&Mike2010) to work right so when LittleSweetie suggested the problem might have been in my username, I decided to make a new account and voila - it works great!  So, I guess I will use this account from now on.  It's nice having an account that I can actually make changes to!  
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Re: Re-intro with new account!

  • LittleSweetieLittleSweetie member
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    I was wondering who the newbie was who knew how to PIP :)

    Glad you can post again!  I hope the whole & thing gets worked out soon... argh.  Welcome back!
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    Welcome back with the new name!

    It's so weird to look at your user name and see my last name!! hehe
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