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Aveda for hair makeup?

My mom wants to pay for her, my sister, my sister-in-law and I to get our hair/makeup/nails done for my wedding this summer. When she decided this I don't think she realized how expensive the typical salon is for bridal hair. We have been thinking about going to Aveda's beauty school for hair and makeup. I took my sister there to get her hair done for prom and they did a great job and I have been going there for haircuts for a while and they always do a fabulous job. I'm just a little nervous about my wedding hair/makeup. Has anyone gotten their hair/makeup done there and how did it turn out?
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Re: Aveda for hair makeup?

  • I have not, but I don't know if I would be comfortable with that on my wedding day. Yes, they're students and I understand they need to learn, but that's a big day and a bit risky. There are going to be timelines for your day and I would hate to see something happen/people be late because someone didn't do your hair and makeup correctly. Just my two cents!
  • My mom got her very short hair done a few years ago at the school and it took them at least 3 hours. Nothing wrong with the prices, but on my wedding day, I'd want to be as stress free as possible, espically if something went wrong. 
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  • I'd do it for your mom & BMs, but not for yourself. Sometimes it takes forever to get things done there since the students' work also gets critiqued by the instructors. 
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  • I am doing this for my bridal party and myself. They are going to have the girl who does my trial be the same one for my day of, so as long as she does well I'm confident to have her do my day of hair along with my wedding party. It's a third of the price and the woman at the school says they do many bridal parties.
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