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FREE Planner Assistance

Did you know that there are Convention & Visitors Bureaus (CVB's) throughout the US & world who are here to help brides/grooms find their perfect wedding venue and make hotel blocks for guests? The best part about CVB's is that they do all of this for FREE. They are the experts of your area and have connections with local venues, hotels, florists, etc. to help you get started with the planning of your big day. Most of the time they are even able to send your out of town guests a visitors guide for them to get to know the area before coming for your wedding.

Contact your local CVB to see how they can help you get connected with local venues, hotels and MORE.

Personally I work for Minneapolis Northwest CVB located just northwest of Minneapolis, Minnesota. We would be happy to help you find your perfect location for your wedding in our area and connect you with local hotels for your guests. Visit our website: www.mnwweddings.com

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