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Tanning or spray tan?

I am very pale!  I am thinking of going tanning or spray tanning.  Tanning so I don't burn on my honeymoon (we leave a few days after the wedding) and spray tan so I am darker than a baby's butt for the wedding.  Does anyone have any experience with spray tanning?  I am concerned about my dress and the color coming off on it.  I am not sure this is a good route.  Positive/negatives of spray tanning.  Never done it!


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Re: Tanning or spray tan?

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    If you do the spray tan, take a practice run first a couple months before your wedding just to see how it works for you.  The spray tan generally only comes off on your clothes the first couple hours after getting the spray tan.  And even that washes out pretty well.  But as long as you do the spray tan a couple days before your wedding I think you'll be fine.  But definitely, go with a practice run a couple months first - just to see how it works for you before doing it on the big day.
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    I too have very pale skin, but ever since I had a pre-cancerous mole removed, I protect that pale skin.  There is something very beautiful about pale/ivory skin.  I guess I also have issues about tanning in general because higher risk of skin cancer.  Yes, you may only go a few times, but tanning is really your skins reaction to the sun-and it IS being damaged.  I am just going to garden a lot this summer, and let the color, if any, happen naturally.  (wearing a tube top of sorts so I don't unsightly tan lines for a strapless wedding dress!)

    Therefore, I would absolutely suggest spray tanning,with a trial beforehand!  HTH
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    I forgot to add that with the gardening I will be wearing sunscreen!
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    I just did my first trial run with spray tanning a month or so ago. At first I really loved it, then I had mixed feelings about it, and then kind of decided it wasn't really for me. The color does come off a little on your clothes, but like PP said, only for the first few hours. However, make sure you wear very loose fitting clothing because I put my socks back on right after and then ended up having to go back because I had a sock tan! The tan looked awesome for about 3 days, and then when it started to fade was the bad part. I was told it would fade like a normal tan, but it didn't. It came off really splotchy and I ended up scrubbing most of it off in the shower so that I didn't have really big chunks of white skin showing! So, with all that, I would suggest it to be safe and not risk cancer, just know that it may fade a bit odd. But definitly try one ahead of time to see how your body reacts to it! There is a place in White Bear Lake that is only $35 for full body, and someone does it for you, and the girl was really nice. Let me know if you want the info for it! HTH!
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