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Hotel Block

Hi ladies,

I just called a couple of hotels that are close to our reception site to get information about room blocks.  They are sending me information.  What type of questions should I have asked them and how negotiable are they with adjusting the price?  My FI will definately be calling to get lower prices because he is good at that, I am not...but was wondering what your guys may have experienced when setting up your room blocks.  Thanks. 
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Re: Hotel Block

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    Make sure that you won't be responsible for paying for anything other than the room you and your STBH are staying in, even if the rooms in your room block go unused. Most hotels do it this way, but there are a few out there who make you pay a portion or whatever. Just make sure that is not the case.
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    If you are relaying on their shuttle make sure you get details in writting about when it will be available and how often. I know some girls had problems with that.
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    If you're planning on doing OOT/Welcome bags, ask about those.  

    Definitely try to negotiate a lower rate, and make sure you're not held accountable for any rooms that don't book.
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    Ditto on what the other girls have said! I will just copy and paste what I have down that I asked my hotel block:

    What is the minimum amount of rooms that can be reserved and what is the maximum?

    Are you held financially responsible for these rooms if they are not booked?

    Is there an attrition policy or cancellation policy?

    How long do you hold the rooms for?

    Do you have a group rate?

    Can we add more rooms to our block later?

    What info do we need to give our guests?

    Do you have a Hospitality suite?

    Are there Bridal suite options?

    Do you have a Shuttle service?

    Is there a contract (courtesy or otherwise)?

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    You could see if they have pre-printed cards that you can add to either STD's or Invites. I know some of the hotels I have talked to will give you cards that have all the necessary information for your guests.
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