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Vendor reply caught me off guard... What do you think?

Hi there! 

I just emailed a DJ asking if they have a Sunday discount for Sunday weddings.  This is the reply I received (*Names changed for privacy):


My sunday rates are the same as a Saturday rate or Friday, or any day for that matter. Work is work to me regardless of what day I'm working. I realize some banquet facilities charge less for sunday bookings byt with *This DJ* you get an honest day's DJ work for an honest pay for the day.  (meaning I work hard regardless of which day the calender says it is)

So if you have a large crowd coming its going to be 800$ or if you have a smaller to avg crowd I'd say expect to pay $600. For a Sunday.

And trust me you WILL NOT find a better DJ company. I just did a wedding shiw in *Town near me* last Saturday and it was simply incredible. The Brides mother even cimed in on my FB page sunday telling me how much a great time they had and how I made theirs the "party of the century"

Let me know if I can be of service to you. I'm currently available that date you plan on getting married.

This is really the first vendor I have emailed besides my venue and photographer and to me it seems almost cocky.  Do most vendors reply like this?  Am I over reacting?  How should I even reply to this?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Vendor reply caught me off guard... What do you think?

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    I didn't have any vendors reply in a "cocky" manner ever  but I never had one reply that sloppily either.  I am more annoyed by the typing than his cockiness - he's trying to sell a product but it does come off sounding a bit snotty.   I wouldn't even reply unless this is one of the major DJ companies in the Twin Cities, he sounds like an idiot.  Lol
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    I agree with Kayla... I would look elsewhere. If he is that good, then I am sure he has plenty of clients running through his door (GAG!) I wouldn't give that person a dime. Every time I email our DJ, wether it is to ask a question or to ask about discounts, he is always quick to reply, polite and never degrading.
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    I agree with the others. Keep looking. The way he replied to that email came off very unprofessional. 
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    I would agree with PPs. He could have made the email succinct and more professional than that, without tooting his own horn so much. A simple "My rates are the same on Sunday." would have been fine. It seems to me he may be hurting for clients if he is trying to sell himself that much over an email.
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    Uh BUH-BYE!

    Ditto PP's.  Very unprofessional & degrading.  I wouldn't even want to try & work with someone like that.  If he's acting like this when he hasn't gotten a dime from you yet, how is he going to act when you pay him?? 

    I'd look elsewhere for sure! 

    BTW - I don't mean that to sound bitchy to you at all, more to this super, incredible...GAG...DJ!  I'm annoyed by him & it has nothing to do with me!  = )

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    If a DJ is really that great, he shouldn't have to talk himself up like that. He would have customer reviews and other info for you to reference. I'd keep looking!

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    Ditto everyone....move on (run :)
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    lol - I'd snap some equally degrading email back.  That is absolutely NOT ok.  Agree with pps, a simple, "No, sorry.  My rates are the same any day of the week." would have been sufficient.  An email like that is a surefire way to have him watch me take my business right over to a competitor. 
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    Thanks so much ladies, I really appreciate it!! <3
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    Yea.. that is weird and cocky.. I wouldn't use him based off that email.. there are many vendors that are looking for your business, and will kiss your butt to get it.
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    like all the others said, this guy seems like kind of a douche. You can get way better service from other companies. Most of the DJ's here in the twin cities are willing to travel, you should try one of them.
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    What an a$$.  Keep looking. 
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    weird. RUN away! Also, I would consider a sunday night an 'off peak' time for a DJ....I feel like other companies would offer a discount just like a Friday night wedding is less popular than the pretty typical Saturday wedding. Keep looking. I would suggest Midwest Sound . Talk to Jamie...we bargained him down from a package of $1295 to $695. get written quotes from a bunch of places and then bargain. It works...We have been to 3 weddings this year alone that used MWS (we are using them in Sept) and they were really good!
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