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H-moon resources

I'm currently bored yet lack the energy to do any actual work, so I thought I'd ask you gals:

Do you know of any good websites for researching honeymoons? I'm thinking we may wanna do an all-inclusive for the sake of convenience, but any sort of direction would help. So many of the sites that come up in searching for stuff just look so cheesy and not completely legit...

Soooo yeah, any ideas?

Re: H-moon resources

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    Not a resource, but I'll promote Palace Resorts.  We've been to their Cancun (Moon Palace) resort and just went to  the Dominican Republic location in February.  They were amazing, with really good food and pools and staff.
  • Bimbi284Bimbi284 member
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    Thanks for the tip Steph! We'll look into it :-)
  • maybe984maybe984 member
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    The Delta Vacations site is pretty awesome. You can book everything in one place... flights, hotel, rental car, activities, etc. My FI and I just booked our HM to Puerto Vallarta on there.
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    I miss Worry Free Vacations.  Now all they have is hotel rooms.  Funjet and Apple Vacations are both legitimate companies that offer packages out of Minneapolis.  Another option is through Sun Country airlines.  I recommend tripadvisor.com as a great site to research different resorts and activities.
  • hkieslinghkiesling member
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    I got in deep trouble looking over Springboard Vacations's website.  My cousin recommend them to us, and I couldn't be happier with the Aus/New Zealand package they put together for us.

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    I second tripadvisor -- they have tons of reviews.

    You say All-inclusive but what about atmosphere. Do you want an Adult Place or Kid Friendly as well? I know that makes a world of difference in the resort world.

    If our Cruise doesn't work out (it having set dates of sail) FI and I have looked into this adult resort in Costa Rica. We are adventure type and my ADHD kicks in on day 3 of laying at the beach. I forget the name but I know there are reviews on Trip Advisor. Depending on if you like to do things (sounds so vague but you get my drift) they have a lot like most resorts. But more non water activites as there are a lot of jungle.
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    I'll second the Palace resorts, we're going there for our Honeymoon and can't wait, we're going to the Sun Palace. Steph, I would love for you to PM me with any insights. What excursions did you go on?
  • Bimbi284Bimbi284 member
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    Thanks for the tips ladies! We'll look into all of that!

    Yes we'd like a more "mature" atmosphere. Not that we don't like kids, but we'd like some peace and quiet too haha. We both love the beach, but also enjoy hiking, shopping, and site seeing as well as eating haha. So places that offer variety in activities is good too. I actually can't swim very well, and will not do anything involving lots of heights or with the word "flying" or "gliding" haha. I like the ground.
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