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Has anyone used ME Photography/ Kara Knkutson?

Were you happy with her work? Thoughts/comments?
We just did our engagement/family pics with her and the pictures were not good. Their were a lot of things she couldnt control( the extreme heat and humidity and sweat and mosquitos) , but the lighting is all just so bad ( we were outside). You cant even see our eyes in most of the shots, just darkness. I am kind of freaking out about the wedding pics since they will be all outside!! 
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Re: Has anyone used ME Photography/ Kara Knkutson?

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    I have not, but have read glowing reviews on here about Kara.
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    I'm going to be totally honest. I loved her photos on the website. We were all set to meet with her when someone let me look at some of their own photos they got from her (sorry to this person..). They looked like I went there with my point and shoot camera and just snapped some shots. They didn't look professional at all IMO. I'm also very picky about photography so that plays a factor. Sorry again to the person who sent them (I appreciate it!) but I didn't like them at all.

    If you're open to looking for another photographer, mine has high quality photos at a good price (my package is $1000). Feel free to check her out: https://www.facebook.com/AlyssaRei
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    I don't know anything about her, but let me just say, if you're not happy with your engagement shoot, I think you should find another photographer for the wedding.  That's my opinion. Photos are super important, and you don't want to be disappointed because yours aren't up to your standards.  You want to see your eyes in your shots!

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    I agree with the previous poster.  If you are not thrilled with her work on the engagement photos, find someone else to do the wedding.  Everyone has different taste in photography so what might be a perfect match for one, just doesn't work for another.
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    Oh no, that's who I've hired!

    JenniPea, I bet I got an email from the same person... and I feel the same way you do. :(

    OP, maybe if you talk to Kara she would be willing to do a reshoot? She seems so nice, I'm sure she'd bend over backwards to make sure you're happy with ALL of your pics. I definitely think she needs to know that you're unhappy, maybe there are issues she doesn't realize that she can fix in her future clients' work.
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    Yeah like PPs, I wouldn't risk it. Find someone that you feel will really get the best pictures for you on your wedding day.
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