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Hair and Makeup in Stillwater, MN? Any suggestions?

Does anyone know of any people (outside of the salon) or salons in or near stillwater that do bridal party updo's and bridal makeup? I am looking for a place that is not too spendy for my girls. Does anyone know of anyone or anywhere?  Open to any and all suggestions!
Thanks so much!

Re: Hair and Makeup in Stillwater, MN? Any suggestions?

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    when i was in a wedding in stillwater, we went and got our hair done at the regency school in maplewood.  they did a pretty good job, for a reasonable price.  might not be as local as you're thinking though.
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    I have a trial tonight with someone in Stillwater.  I'll let you know how it goes and give you her information if I like her!
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    That would be great!! Thanks so much! :)
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