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It's time to finally do the task that I've been most excited about - Cake testing!  FI and I had a few places picked out to sample cakes and FMIL the past 2 weeks has called me 3 times to tell me about her friend that has a cake place in St Paul and she'd love to pick up samples for us.  I've just decided to try it out and most likely get our get there as this seems very important to her.  So my questions are: 1.  Did you really notice a difference in cakes from place to place? & 2. What was the price for your cake overall/slice? 3. Where did you you end up getting your cake?


Re: Cake!

  • drdifabiodrdifabio member
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    1. Yes I noticed a huge difference between cakes from different shops
    2. We are doing a cake with faux tiers and only one real tier for Joe and I to cut into - our buffet/family style meal already came with dessert so having cake too would have been overkill. So the total cost of ours was around $350 but that was because we have a top level chocolate fondant instead of the cheaper white.
    3. We went with Penny Steele Custom Cakes because she was by far the best cake my FI and I have ever had - I really cant wait to eat it!

  • MesmrEweMesmrEwe member
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    1) Yes, there is a HUGE difference between cake shops.  Some are very simplistic in what they'll do for decorations, other places the sky (your budget) is the limit... Some places the cake is so so yummy, other places it tastes like the freezer it was pulled out of. 

    2) it's going to depend on where you go and what you get.  We've gotten cakes from a few places around town ($3-$10/slice) and it's a you get what you pay for sort of thing.  There are places that you really get a lot for your money, others not so much. 

    3) Where we got our cake for our wedding isn't likely where I'd order a cake from now...  If I wanted a cake buffet and didn't really care how it looked, I'd go someplace like Key's Cafe.  If I wanted the high end ingredient cake with decorating skill to match within a reasonable budget, I'd go with Jessica's Cakes in WSP. 
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    We're going with Penny Steele too!  Her son and my FI actually graduated from high school together and were freshmen roommates.  He works with her now and has been asking to make our cake for the last 5 years!  We've been lucky enough to be their "taste testers" off and on the past few years.  YUM!
    [QUOTE]3. We went with Penny Steele Custom Cakes because she was by far the best cake my FI and I have ever had - I really cant wait to eat it!
    Posted by drdifabio[/QUOTE]
    Side note... I thought I noticed you're going with Profile EC for for reception?? Any hints for us? We're checking them out tomorrow, but so far they're our first preference!
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    We got our cake from Gateaux, Inc. in Wayzata. We've had cake from other places, including Buttercream. We liked Buttercream, but absolutely fell in love with both Gateaux's flavors and designs. For example, Gateaux uses fondant, while Buttercream does not. 

    Our cake is running $1550 for 120 guests. It will be three tiers, but each tier has three layers of cake. Their tiers are much taller than other places' tiers. 

    We LOVED our consultation and design process with Robin and also selected Gataeux to do our hand-rolled chocolate favors. I would HIGHLY recommend Robin and her team. They're outstanding!

    Good luck!
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