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Reception Venue References & Grandview Lodge

We are contemplating getting married at Grandview lodge in Nisswa, MN.  I asked them for some names of other people who have gotten married there and they said they couldn't provide any. Now I have two questions.
1. Should I be concerend that they won't provide any references? Is this normal?
2. Has anyone been marriend at Grandview or know of anyone who has that I could contact?

Re: Reception Venue References & Grandview Lodge

  • I've never been there but I just wanted to comment on #1. I'd say that's a privacy concern to give out information about couples who have used the venue. I think the best way to get a review is to get online (which you've done here) and search. I heard amazing things about the PEC on here but I Googled it to see if I could find anything else just in case. So I'd just type in "Grandview Lodge wedding reviews" or something and see what pops up!
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  • Yeah, I wouldn't want my venue just passing around my information for strangers to have. Ditto PPs, I would Google reviews and see what you can find. Maybe someone that sees this post will know something about weddings there.
  • I'd also recommend googling wedding photographers and if there happens to be one that you like that did a wedding there, you could maybe ask them what they thought of the venue?

  • Yeah, I think that it is just a privacy concern. There are so many whackos out there that they are probably just respecting the privacy of their clients. It might be a sign that they are a place that cares about those who have used their facilities.
  • My dad got married there. It was a pretty good time. Very pretty pictures up there and a great all in one location!
  • I agree w/the PP's about question#1.

    We are also thinking of hosting at the Grandview and have never been there. However our coordinator has done five different weddings up there and has had the best experince with Maggie. She is very laid back and open to most ideas. HTH.

    Good luck!
  • Hello,
      I actually grew up in that area and my mom worked at Grandview for many years.  Maggie is an amazing person and Grandview is really gorgeous!  I would definatly recommend it. 
  • Agreed with PPs on Q#1.

    My wedding photographer - Biff Ulm with VADA Photography - covers tons and tons and tons of weddings at Grandview (he's based out of Nisswa). If you email him, I'm sure he'd be glad to give you some quick thoughts. It has a really really good reputation and obviously is quite beautiful.
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  • Thanks everyone this is so very helpful! Glad to know it is probably just a privacy concern. It looks like we are going to move forward on our contract with Grandview. :) Happy Planning.
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