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Duluth Honeymoons

We're thinking about honeymooning in Duluth. I'd really like a waterfront location, and either a big hotel suite or a condo, maybe a B&B if it's modern and not all Victorian-era.
Any ideas?

Preferably something with a large tub ; )

Re: Duluth Honeymoons

  • We knew before we were engaged we'd be having our honeymoon in Duluth. Our favorite place in the world is the Canal Park Lodge, the newest hotel right there as you drive in. The one suite we stayed in one year had a nice big walk in/around shower, seperate bedroom area with french doors, a good sized balcony and a really nice living area. We had gotten the whirlpool suite, but the tub part was pretty disappointing. The rest of the hotel is really nice though and has fantastic service. PM me if you want more info on the place. 
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  • South Pier Inn is by far my favorite hotel in Duluth.  It's the closest hotel to the lift bridge and you can get a canal view or harbor view.  Almost all rooms have a whirlpool tub with view of the water.  For something really special (a little spendy) upgrade to the corner suite.  They will even call and wake you if a ship is coming thru the night (if you want them to).  It's amazing and just talking about it, I want to go again.  We go every year in the Fall and I can't recommend it enough. 

    The hotel does not have a pool, they do offer a small breakfast of juice and muffins.  It's good for it's location and the view; but not a lot of on site amenities.  Check it out!

  • You could try Superior Shores a little further north in Two Harbors.  They have some lodge-type rooms as well as more condo and cabin-like options.

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  • I second South Pier Inn.  Went there a couple years ago right before Memorial Day and it was awesome!  Being able to sit in the jacuzzi together and watch TV or the boats was amazing.
  • I did a B&B tour in Duluth, and the most modern and cool of them was the Solglimt B&B <click> http://www.solglimt.com/. it's literally right on Park Point Beach and a short walk to Canal Park.  I've stayed at most of the hotels in Canal Park, but nothing can beat a B&B experience!

    Good luck!
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    There are quite a few really nice hotels in Canal Park!  Besides places to stay I suggest taking a trip to Split Rock Lighthouse and Goosberry Falls :)  Also.. eat at Grandma's at least once and have a malt you won't be sorry.
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