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needed: quote for wedding bells

I need help with a creative short but sweet quote.  We are using bells for our escort card holder and in lieu of clinking glasses.  It's an irish tradition and I would like people to know, in a short, sweet sentence, that it's an irish tradition and to ring the bell in lieu of clinking glassess for a kiss.  I have been trying to think of something creative and not just "rings the bell in lieu of clinking glasses" hahaha any suggestions???? 

here's the history on the wedding bell:

The Truce Bell: The Bell of Truce originates from west Ireland peasant traditions, believed to be derived from St. Patrick's Bell of Will. St. Patrick believed that bells were important to his ministry, and helped him in performing miracles. He is said to have been buried with the iron Bell of Will he carried. Today, it stands on exhibit in Ireland's National Museum. The Truce Bell, as an echo of the Bell of Will, is a bell that is blessed by the officiant of the ceremony and then presented to the bride and groom. The couple is then asked to give the bell a good hardy ring, while thinking lovely thoughts of each other and, most importantly, of their furture together. After the wedding the bell is kept at home as a reminder of the couple's wedding day. When arguments arise, the bell is put to its intended use. One of the quarreling couple should ring the bell to call a truce in the argument. This signifies the end of the disagreement - all conflict is over! The tinkling sound is meant to remind the couple of their wedding vows and conjure up the happiest memories from their wedding day as an end to strife.)

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