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Welcome the help BUT...

This is my 2nd wedding. I'm not doing the big to-do, I didn't last time either. We're having a very small, casual wedding/ceremony. FI and I are planning on paying for this ourselves and it didn't even cross our minds to ask our parents for help. I was talking to my mom about wedding stuff and how I would love to do a hair/make up session for the wedding and am cutting costs by doing my own bouquet. She casually says "Oh, I don't know. I wouldn't cross those things COMPLETELY off your list, you just never know". That sounded like a hint that my parents would like to help contribute. Fine, great, that's wonderful. BUT those 2 little things are kinda a big deal and if that's the case, then I need to start looking into booking someone. My wedding is in 6 months. It's been a week since she said that...do I tell her that IF they were planning on paying for those things then I need to know now so we can start finding someone? Or do I leave it alone for another few more weeks & let her bring it up?

Re: Welcome the help BUT...

  • I think it personally depends on your relationship with your mom... If you are close and have been communicating about the wedding all along and it's something you feel comfortable with I don't see the problem. But if you are having any doubt that she wasn't planning on paying for it maybe wait and see if it comes up. You don't want her to feel obligated because you confronted her with it.
    You still have 6 months... I think that still gives you plenty of time for hair and make up... But then again I don't have to worry about booking hair/make up because a girl in my wedding party is doing mine.
    Good luck with which every way you decide to approach it!
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    I would leave it alone and forge ahead as you planned, personally.  Until the money is in your hands - you shouldn't count on it.
  • I agree with wittyschaffy.  Your mom has to know that you aren't going to book hair/makeup unless the money comes from somewhere - it could be she was just hinting that maybe your budget would allow for it in the end - more as a reassurance.  My mom says stuff like that, too and she is just trying to make me feel better or not overwhelmed.  Just keep planning and see if she brings it up again. 
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