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FI's aunt's are hosting a shower for me.  They have asked me to provide them with a guest list for the shower.  I'm including all ladies from FI's mom's and dad's side as they live in the metro area.  The aunts asked me to also include my side aunts, etc.  I don't really know my dad's sisters, so will not be inviting them, but my mom's side of the family I know really well, but they all live in other states and I know will not be coming to the shower. FI's aunts said I should still invite them so they know it's happening and they will send gifts.  I don't want to look like i'm just inviting to get gifts (and my family wouldn't think that - at leaset I don't think they would)  What did you do?  invite or not invite aunts, etc who live out of state that you know will not be making it?

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Re: Shower invite list

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    I still plan on inviting but in my family we are big on 'it's the thought that counts' and people have gotten upset not being invited just because they are out of town. So in the past I have written a little note saying something like "Wishing you could be here to celebrate hope all is well in ____."  If you are concerned about the gift part you may want to put no gift necessary.  
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    most of my extended family lives out of state. some aunts will come to the shower and others won't, but they will all be invited. so I say invite the out of towners, even if you think they won't come. it really is the thought that counts. and you never know, one of them may surprise you and show up! they are your family so i don't think you need to worry about them thinking you're a gift piggy ;)
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    I agree with the "thought that counts" suggestion, but mostly I just wanted to post to say how much I love the look of your invtiations and table numbers. I'm sure a gal with as much good taste as you will make the best decision when it comes to the invitation list.
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