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Hey all,
My name is Barbara, and we got engaged on Christmas Eve.
We're shooting for an April 2013 wedding! Off season is the name of the game, LOL.

I've lurked a lot the past few weeks, even before becoming engaged, but now I'm ready to be an active member around here!

A little about me/us -

My son and I currently live with my mother, so wedding planning gets a little crampy around here. My kiddo and I are moving in with my fiance in May, so I'll feel a little more free-spirited to continue planning there.
I really enjoy my horses and being outside, my dog is basically my other child, and I am in LOVE with crockpot recipes.
Fiance and I met through a mutual friend so that worked out nicely. My son loves him, and vice versa. I couldn't have been any luckier!

We are planning on getting married at my church, and reception at Rush Creek. Getting exact dates from my church in the next few weeks, that way I can put a deposit on a date at Rush Creek.

I'm very excited to get opinions and advice from all you wonderful Knotties!

Re: Introduction!

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