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introduction, and a question

Hi Ladies, I am not sure i ever posted when i first found this board, i have mostly been a lurker since we got engaged. Most part due to not having a computer at home and posting anything on my "smart" phone, is a waste of time. Anyways. I have been engaged to my fiance since October 2nd 2011. We have one human child, a son who is 3.  And a dog child, Kirby who is 4 months old. I work retail as a store manager, and my fiance works in a distribution center.

We are planning a April 13th 2013 wedding at a catholic church and our reception will be at the Profile Event Center. I finally feel as though i have wedding related stuff to do. I have my dress, my shoes, the church, the reception site, the photographer, Now its a matter of hammering out the details :-)

So, with that being said, i am planning on ordering my STD's soon and wanted to know if anyone had opinions on vista print. I found a design i love, but i am not sure of the quality of their items. I have never seen any items from there. I also love the price. i didn't want to splurge on STD's but i do want to send them. There will be no photo on them, just aa cute design and the message. Opinions?

Re: introduction, and a question

  • I ordered my STD's from Vistaprint.  I got a groupon or living social deal, so it was super cheap.  I ended up getting fridge magnets, and they were thinner than I expected, but still high quality.  I think most ladies on here would recommend VP.  I also got Christmas cards from them last year and return address stickers with my new last name.  All came out excellent.  I think the only thing I was hugely fond of was the return address stamp I ordered with my current last name.  I used it for return addresses on the invites.  The type on it was VERY small.  It only takes up about half the stamp.  If the type were larger, I would have loved it.  But I won't need it anymore in a couple weeks, so no biggie.

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  • I got a free wedding sample pack from their website - it was nice to have something in my hands to see the quality before ordering.  As for the PP mentioning them being thinner -- I agree, but I think that's a *good* thing.  Here is why -- I also got a sample pack from Magnet Street and theirs were thicker/more substantial, but because they were so stiff, we flexed them (to simulate what will happen in the post office, etc) and the paper started separating from the magnet right away.  I think VP's magnets were the best to hold up for 6-9 months on someone's fridge!


  • I used VP for a lot of things.  Most of the stuff I ordered were free.  I did the postcards for my STDs to save money on postage. The deals are great but you have to use the whole thing at once I think, so I would have a hard time with that.  Check out the budget board and the DIY board too for more ideas for VP.

  • Vistaprints is the way to go.  If you use a website called ebates and then you go to vistaprints, you'll get a rebate from ebates on your vistaprint order.   We used them for our invitations, postcard save the dates and thank you cards, and we order our Christmas postcards through them each year.  I am a big fan of postcards since they are cheaper to mail.
  • I absolutely love Vistaprint. Thanks to several Groupons I've bought, I've only spent $60 on my STDs and Invites including the cost of the groupons and shipping. Don't know what I'd do without it.
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