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Married Knotties ? - marriage certificate

How long does it take to get your marriage license back after your wedding? Also, does anyone have a list of all the places I need to change my name?

Re: Married Knotties ? - marriage certificate

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    Not sure on how long it takes to get your marriage license, but if they work like any other state agency, I'd say at least 90 days.  I transferred the lein holder on my car title at the beginning of April and still don't have it back. 
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    We got ours about 3 weeks after the wedding, and we were from out of state. We filed in Hennepin County - not sure if it makes a difference. 

    And I haven't changed my name yet (whoops) but here's what's on my list:

    *Bank accounts/car loan
    *Car insurance/title
    *W4/I9/any other work forms that need to be updated
    *Health insurance/any othe insurance you have
    *Passport (I'm doing this last because I JUST renewed it and don't feel like dropping another $100!)

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    Mine came about 2 weeks after the wedding but we were getting close to the off peak times.  Start with the obvious name changes.  I still find things every now and again that have my old name and I'm almost rounding the 3 year corner!
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    Oh - and I didn't change my title to my house or car.  (and kept the associated insurance policies consistent with the title)  I asked advice of my car dealer uncle and realtor family friend and they said it wasn't necessary to do and just an added expense you don't need.  When you sell either of them, just provide your marriage certificate and all is fine.
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    I don't remember exactly, but I feel like we got our license back in a week, maybe a little more.
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    Our marriage license came about 3 weeks after the wedding.  As for changing your name, I HIGHLY recommend MissNowMrs.com.  It walks you through every step to changing your name...who remembers to change their name for voter registration?  They do!  I found it on Groupon so I got a deal, but I think normally it's $30 and worth EVERY PENNY.
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    I'm glad you had a good experience changing your name with a service.  You're a brave woman!  I am a total geek about keeping my identity intact and the idea of giving any of my data over to a 3rd party scares the liver out of me.  I was happy to not pay someone and take a little bit of PTO to run and do what I needed to for changing stuff in person. 
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    Mine arrived in the mail when we got back from out honeymoon so about a week.  The officiant filed the license the monday after the wedding.  

    When changing my name I found out that you have to do your social security card first and then your drivers license.  The state instituted this new "triple check" thing that cross checks the name matches your social security number.

    Change your name on any:
    Utility bills
    Credit cards
    bank accounts
    cell phone bill
    Student Loan accounts
    veteranarian if you have any pets
    Mortgage account/land lord
    Homeowners Association

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