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Happy Monday?

Morning, all. I'm too tired to come up with a fun poll for today... so tell me about your weekends. Do anything WR/NWR?  Who'd you cheer for yesterday?

My fun fact for the day- I slipped on the ice for the first time this winter (first time in a few years actually.)  Now my whole body just feels out of whack.  I landed on my hip and my elbow, and my pinkie finger is all tingly still.  damn coffee stop.

Re: Happy Monday?

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    I was rooting for the PACKERS! WOOO! To be completely honest, I'm not a huge sports fan AT ALL. Buuut, DH was born and raised in WI, and I lived there for 7 years, so yeah. haha.

    Also, after last week's 3 snow days in a row, I've decided that being a housewife is something I could really get used to...but I am out of excuses for missing school and work. Booo.
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    Oh no Steph...Hope you feel better soon.

    I actually went to Anchor Paper and bought the paper to make my pocket folds for my invitations.  I started on them and hope to have those made by the end of this week.  I went to the St. Paul location and the guy that helped me was so nice and helpful.  I love how much money I have saving doing those vs buying them.  I love saving money :)

    I cheered for the Packers yesterday.  My FI is a huge Packer fan so I like to see him happy.  I also didn't want the Steelers to win because they have already won how many and I don't like there quarterback.  I was mainly interested in the commercials though.  There were lots of funny ones.  Some of my favorites included any of the doritos ones and the e trade baby. 

    Anybody have any favorites commercials from the SB?
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    Absolutely nothing WR this weekend... although I did buy all the candles for our CPs and the rest of the paper I needed for the escort cards on Friday afternoon. 

    NWR: STUDIED a TON! Had a girls night with one of my BMs Friday night which involved alot of wine and chocolate fondue...yum

    Ugh I hate the Packers...and although I am not a Roethlisberger fan, I will never EVER cheer for the Packers.  I just feel like if you are any kind of Vikings fan it just isn't right :)  That being said, one of my best friends is a hardcore Packer fan (from MN which drives me insane) and I sent her a congratulatory text after the game, even though it was painful.  To be honest though, I am just excited football is DONE...bring on baseball please :)

    Hope you are feeling better soon after that fall Steph!

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    Basically EVERYTHING I did this weekend was WR.  Not necessarily for myself though.   Thursday - Saturday I spend the days with my FSIL who is newly engaged and from LA.  She came home so we can do some major wedding planning for her in a few days.  We looked at every beautiful venue in the twin cities the first two days.  I think she is going to go with the Semple Mansion.  Then Saturday we wend wedding dress shopping all day.  She is fairly picky and has a poor body image - even though she is beautiful!  So that was a little painful.... but we definately made major progress.  On Sunday, it was our turn.  We had a cake party.  We purchased cakes from 4 places and had our family and friends over to all vote on which they liked the best for the sheet cakes at our wedding.  It was SO fun!  We also tested out the photo booth my FI made.  IT works PERFECTLY and everyone was SUPER impressed.  He is very talented and it couldn't have turned out better!  I am happy to be back at work.  Power wedding stuff is exhausting!  More dress shopping tonight!!  But, my BM dresses are in so I get to see her in that too!
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    Ugh, this is definitely a Monday. Overslept after staying up waaaay too late last night post-superbowl. But, it was worth it to see how happy my FI was when they won. :) I was happy too, I cheer for division after cheering for the Vikings. :)
    I didn't do too much else exciting this weekend, although I DID get my invites for an amazing price. My mom and I went to Michaels yesterday with their one day 45% off coupon and each bought a set of invites, then I went to the Maplewood store with another of the same coupon and bought the last packet that we needed! In total, we got $120 worth of invites for about $65! I was pretty excited about that.
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    This weekend I found really pretty BM jewelry that I wanted to buy, but they didn't have enough sets, so I went online, and found all of the supplies on Ebay/Etsy to make them myself, for 1/5 of the cost!! Other than that, nothing else WR.

    NWR: It was my half birthday (yes, I celebrate it :)) on Saturday, so FI and I went out to Olive Garden to celebrate! He's so great for keeping up my traditions! FI and I were rooting for the Steelers, we're very against the Packers, so it was a rough night for FI last night to say the least.
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    I watched the SB and my favorite commercial was the Darth Vadar Volkswagen one. FI is a huge Star Wars fan and it reminded me of him as a little guy. He wasn't able to see it so I can't wait to show him!
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    NO! It is not a happy Monday. :) I work up way too early and couldn't get back to sleep, and then my roommate used up all the hot water with another one of his epic showers, so I didn't get a shower this morning.

    However, I have been trying to cheer myself up this morning by looking at these:



    Wedding related: I started tracing and painting my aisle runner, and I am hoping to finish it up throughout the week. I decided on a design and not just a monogram, so I will be excited to post pics once finished. FI also got the STD address labels all done on the computer, so we just need to print and send off.

    and- I really didn't care about who won last night!!

      Steph I hope no one saw you fall- that is half the pain right there, I think. I JUST about biffed it last week outside Ulta and luckily I was next to  a car to catch myself.
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    That sucks that you slipped and fell!!!  Stupid MN winter!!  Ugh.  Cannot WAIT for it to be over!!  I hope you feel better soon! 

    I haven't fallen this winter but I remember once last winter, as I was getting my son out of the car, I slipped and fell while I was holding him!  Luckily I was able to land where he fell on top of ME instead of Vice versa but it scared the crap out of me!!!  Poor kid was sleeping at the time too - prob scared him pretty good also!!  :/ 

    As for this weekend - FI & I tied 150 purple or red ribbons on to our place cards  ;) 

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    I took the "How to Boil Water" cooking class through the Cooks of Crocus Hill Fri eve, then Sat/Sun afternoon. It was so awesome! I'm actually really excited to go to the grocery store after work and make dinner tonight. I've never really learned how to cook and was honestly kind of intimidated by it, but this class showed me that there's nothing to be scared of!

    I was rooting for the Steelers -- like Kayla, I just can't bring myself to root for the Packers. But I was kind of "meh" about football in general this year, so I didn't really care. The commercials were a little disappointing, but mini-Darth Vader was cute (check out the full minute version on the interwebs if you haven't seen it) and I liked the Best Buy one -- gotta root for the home team!

    How craptastic was the halftime show? And I hope you feel better soon, Steph!
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    Over the weekend I worked a lot. And cheered for the Steelers yesterday. :/ It was a close game. Other than that I've started reading the book something borrowed. :)

    The only WR thing I did was order my "something blue" :) they are tiny little blue flower hair pins. I'll most likely only use one, but they were really cute!
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    WR - I made my hairpiece, which I absolutely love!  Thanks for all the positive feedback by the way!  = )  I also picked up some options for our unity candle, but we haven't totally decided what we want to do, so I haven't really done anything with it yet. 

    NWR - The usual weekend tasks - Cleaning, laundry & errands.... Fun, fun, fun! 

    Didn't watch the game, at all...  Just wasn't into football much this year!  Instead I worked on my hairpiece & Knotted!  = )

    Feel better Steph!  = )

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    I put a deposit down on flowers last week.  I didn't do anything else this weekend.  Cleaned a little bit on Friday (took a day off).  I wish I didn't have to wake up this morning.  I have a 10 month old that is perfect for cuddling.
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    Feel better Steph!

    WR (although not my wedding :) - I worked on a few of those custom wire hangers for friends.

    NWR but house related - we took a look at paint this weekend and came up with plan for colors! We are going to do the bathroom an iceberg blue - this means we will need to change our towel colors and shower curtain for this bathroom but the ones we have will go perfect with our downstairs so we arent losing anything. Our bedroom will be a color called baby turtle :). LOVE that name! It is sort of a light olive green color. And our living room and downstairs will be either a color called wheeling neutral or stone house. We bought small samples of all these so we can paint a part of a wall and see how it looks in the space.

    I bet I can even find these colors and do a PIP as I am a huge PIP fan :)...let me see...

    Yep here they are!


    Living room/family room:


    I think I am leaning towards the first of the two options for the living space....but I need to see them in the room.

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    I was cheering for the Packers last night. I usually hate sports, but I will watch the super bowl from time to time.

    This weekend NWR I went to a birthday party & WR purchased plates to use at our reception. BB&B had a clearance sale on plates $7/dozen for white china with a platinum rim. This way I don't have to pay our caterer's clean up fee and I can resell them later.
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    WR: I finished making all the pocketfolds, cut/taped the accent paper into the middle section, cut pieces for embellishment on flap, and cut belly band strips.  Have appointment later on this afternoon to get invitations printed, since FI and I decided it'll look like crap if we try to do it on our own.  Talked to FMIL about RD.  Cut more squares to work on kusudama flowers

    NWR: went out for lunch with FI's family on Saturday and then did some fancy grocery shopping at Byerly's (gift card), watched Get Him To The Greek with FI.  Baked Chef Ludo's cheese puffs (like profiteroles, but with gruyere cheese instead of pastry creme)

    Rooted for nobody yesterday since I hate football.  I did watch the entire post-game show, though, since I didn't want to miss Glee and didn't know exactly what time it would start.
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    WR--spray painted over the frames from the photo wall I bought from debbieupper.  Not that I didn't dislike the gold but it just wasn't in our color scheme.  They're brown now. 

    NWR---work work work work work.  so sick of work! I just want to sleep in!  Also went to my dad's in Prior Lake last night to "watch" the game (I read a book since I don't care for football).   
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    Didn't really do anything wedding related this weekend (unless you count surfing the knot constantly!), but next weekend I've got several things planned so that'll be good. On Saturday FI and I pushed the couches together and made a "nest" to watch the first 10 episodes of The Office Season 7! haha we are addicted to The Office and now the new season is only available on Hulu, so we signed up for it and are gonna get caught up before the one week free trial is over. FI had a superbowl party yesterday. I wasn't really too into the game, but we had a TON of food, which was fun!
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