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Who made the MixBook Guestbook?

I am in the process of making mine, and just remembered seeing someones on here that I loved..
They had little sayings where the guests should write.. like advice, memories, etc.
Thanks to whomever remembers :)

Re: Who made the MixBook Guestbook?

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    That was me!!
    We asked

    (1) What is your favorite memory of David and/or Shannan?
    (2) Ideas for Date Night?
    (3) What is your advice for the Newlyweds?
    (4) Where do you think the Happy Couple will be in 5 years?
    (5) What should David and Shannan always remember during a fight?
    (6) What vacation destination would you recommend for David and Shannan?
    (7) What is something that David and Shannan should do during their marriage?
    (8) Anthing else you would like to tell David and Shannan?
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    I made one as well... just didn't do the questions/sayings on pages! :)
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    Thank you thank you thank you Shan!! :)
    I LOVE yours! :)
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    Also.. we're expecting about 200 people..
    Did you find the 25 pages enough, or add more?
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    I made a mixbook too thanks to Shan!
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    [QUOTE]Also.. we're expecting about 200 people.. Did you find the 25 pages enough, or add more?
    Posted by FutureMrsSheeler[/QUOTE]

    We did the biggest book (12x12???) and 25 pages and we have plenty of space. We had 235 people show up. So you shoud be good.

    ETA: We also left the question pages blank under the question. So they had the full page to sign. Again it was yearbook style so there was still blank space left.
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    Okay thank you!
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