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Photographer budget

Hey TK girls,
I recently posted on the boards because I was meeting with our first photographer. When we discussed prices, I think my heart stopped. I estimated a much lower price for a photographer and he was quite expensive. So I researched a little bit more and found many that were the same price as him.

So can you guys tell me what photographer you chose and an approximation of how much it cost you? I am just trying to decide if his prices are too expensive or if my idea of what it should cost will be hard to find.


Re: Photographer budget

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    I choose Rachel Palmer, she does photography as a second job, she does great work and is very reasonable.  We got all day/night wedding coverage, engagement session and cd's of all our images with the rights to print them where ever we choose for $1100.

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    What price range are you looking for?  I am using Spencer Johnson, he is a former co-worker of mine who has been working in photography for a few years, but he is just getting started in wedding photography so his prices are really reasonable (under $1000 for sure...unless he is giving me a good deal since I know him...)

    Here is his FB page, his email is on there and you can contact him for prices.  I can send you his email as well if that is easier for you.  -- />Clicky

    I know that other girls on here have had reasonably priced photographers as well.  If you do a search you might find some other threads with suggestions!

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  • aligrossaligross member
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    We used DnK photography (and lovvvvvvvvveeee them!) and we spent $2600 for everything we wanted. Engagement session, all day with 2 photographers on our wedding day, photo booth, all rights to the photos, online viewing gallery, etc etc etc. but most of all we have made friends with two amazing people and truly love our photos
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    I took a poll on here a few weeks ago, and found out most people spend $1000-$3000 on a photographer.  The best deal I found was Sarah Ciccone, who does your whole day for $1800.  There is no online album, but you can probably set it up yourself.  Her pics are quite beautiful and she's a very nice girl.  
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    The girl who did my cousin's wedding a month ago was very cheap (according to her website, packages start at $1200). Her name is Meg Cooper http://mcooper.megcooperphotography.com/
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    We used Elisabeth Ann Photography. www.ElisabethAnnPhotography.com.

    She was 1300 for all day photography, 2 photographers, engagement and $100 print credit. I have a friend who also used her and she knocked off some $ to lose the engagement session and print credit.

    I know a lot of knotties have used her. 
  • Mejacoby0590Mejacoby0590 member
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    In Response to Re: Photographer budget:
    [QUOTE]We used DnK photography (and lovvvvvvvvveeee them!) and we spent $2600 for everything we wanted. Engagement session, all day with 2 photographers on our wedding day, photo booth, all rights to the photos, online viewing gallery, etc etc etc. but most of all we have made friends with two amazing people and truly love our photos
    Posted by aligross[/QUOTE]

    Did you go with Scott and hannah then instead of Dan and Karin? I am considering DnK because I have gotten many good reviews about them and they include so much in their packages! I love that the photobooth is included!
  • Cackle6Cackle6 member
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    I'm also using Elise from Elisabeth Ann Photography. Her photos are gorgeous and although I've only met with her once, I felt very comfortable with her right away. Plus she seems like she's a lot of fun, which I think is important. She was also extremely affordable, and has been very prompt answering all my questions so far.
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    You can find a photographer for practically ANY budget, but just like anything else-typically, the lower the price the less you will receive.  It's all about what is most important to you.  If you don't mind hiring someone who is just starting their portfolio or someone who doesn't offer editing or other services-you can find a cheaper photog.  If you want someone with experience, professional equipment, and more bells & whistles as a part of the package-it'll cost more.

    In the end it's all up to your personal preference.  We originally alotted about $1500 for photography but after searching around we realized how important high quality pics (for our taste) were for us and increased our budget quite a bit because we didn't find anything around $1500 we liked.  Remember to ask a ton of questions and ask for referrals.

    Good luck!
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  • MaggieandJakeMaggieandJake member
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    We used Imagen By Alex Del Toro (also known as Imagen International).  For $1077 you get 2 additional photo sessions of your choosing (we did e-pics and rehearsal dinner). On your wedding day, you get 2 photographers all day-unlimited time.  You get all your photos on a disc and the rights to print them anywhere, plus a $100 print credit through them. 

    We were thrilled with our pictures!  You can see some of them in my bio.
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    I used Britt from Render Photography (who I 100% recommend, PS) but I booked her when she was first starting out and ended up spending around $1400 on all day coverage, a second shooter, an engagment session, rights to all images, and a proof book. Now she is upwards of $2000+ for the minimum coverage. I suggest if you're looking for a great photographer for a cheaper price to take your time, do a lot of research, and browse through some of the newer photographers that may not have as many recommendations. I know it's taking a bit more of a risk, but you can definitely find some great talent out there for less then the "standard" photographer price of the more recommended vendors.

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    For $1600 you can get 8 hours of coverage, 3 photograpers, and a free photobooth with Lisa Gunderson. $1600 is with ha 20% discount for booking 6 months or more prior to the wedding date
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