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good site to look for Plus size Bridesmaids dresses

So I've been looking at a few sites just starting to get an idea of what I'm about to get myself into planning this big HORRAH! and well I've notices that all the models for dresses are skinny girls... I have two of my good friends who are going to be in my bridal party who are not skinny girls. I don't want to pick a dress that is not flattering to them (I've been a BM a few times and I really don't want to be that Bride that pick a dress without thinking what its going to look like on everyone else) are there some sites to check out or some good shops to stop in, in the st.paul/Minnapolis area so the girls can actually try something on?

Re: good site to look for Plus size Bridesmaids dresses

  • I think davids bridal has a wonderful selection of BM dresses in ALL sizes so they can actually try them one. Probably not the best customer service, but def a lot of choices. You may also want to look into Glass Slipper Bridal in Andover...they are amazing ladies, I just can't remember if they had a wide selection of BM dresses.
  • I am a bigger size and got my bm dress for a wedding at davids. it was on sale for 99 dollars. I'm just going to have my friend alter it for me then since it is a tad too big. 
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  • Awesome thank you, I was going to make a stop at Davids for my first run, and I have heard that their customer service isn't the best... but its a good place to try stuff on and get a feel for what your looking for THEN go the the real shops were they pamper the hell out of you "D Thank you I will def check them both out ")
  • I cannot say enough good things about The Glass Slipper in Andover.  I had the best experience there..all 3 times I went!  Pat, the owner is such an awesome lady, and her staff is so amazing!  Plus I really liked their selection. I would look at their website for a list of bridesmaids dresses they carry
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  • I will give another mark to David's.  I am going there end of January to look at bridesmaid dresses.  I bought my dress there, and as long as you have a great consultant you are okay.  I think the worst part about David's is the alteration dept, but you can go anywhere for that!
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  • If you're going to David's... I HIGHLY reccommend the one in HarMar Mall in Roseville. The ladies in that store were all incredible to work with!
  • Ditto PPs, but I just want to add (in case you're not already thinking about this) that if your girls are different shapes it might be a nice idea to give them parameters (length, color, fabric, etc) instead of making them wear the same dress.
  • I was just at David's bridal (maple grove store) yesterday looking at bridesmaids dresses.  I did not have a good experience when I went looking for my dress, so I was a little unsure about going there for BM dresses. But we had Hannah as our consultant and she was AMAZING!! They have dresses there to try on in all sizes! great place to start looking.
  • You could also check out Dena Marie Bridal in Roseville. I wasn't that stoked about my BM shopping experience at David's (when we were shopping everything was that semi-shiny satin that exaggerates body flaws) but I was happy with the experience at Dena Marie. They had a number of samples in largers sizes and my bridesmaids (ranging from size 0 to size 18) were able to find dresses that they liked (like a PP mentioned, I just gave them parameters - black, floor length, chiffon - and they chose what looked best - pics in bio link in sig).
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  • I definitely second Glass Slipper. I would've bought my dress there if I knew about it sooner. The ladies there are so nice and their wedding gowns are reasonably priced. I don't know their selection of BM dresses, but never hurts to call.

    Otherwise, DB has quite a few BM dresses to try on in a lot of sizes. The Har Mar location is a great one, and I actually had a good experience with the Maple Grove one. The one in Richfield off 494 and Penn isn't the best either, I always found the women there to be really rude.
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  • Yes I'm def for picking out colors and letting them pick the style that best suits them. My cousin did this for her wedding last summer and it was super cute. I really apprecate the advice, I just don't want to get tunnle vision on this and end up feeling like a total heel making everyone go to a shop and have the ladies say 'oh well we don't have samples in bigger sizes' So DB, the Glass Slipper, Dena Marie Bridal. *writing note in big book of awesome*
  • I third Glass Slipper - Pat is amazing!  I bought my wedding gown there and really can't say enough good things about the shop.  The last time I was there they had bridesmaid dresses and they carried the same dress in an 8, 16, and 24 so everyone could try on the dress.  Good luck!
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