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Hi Ladies,
I have to vent because I'm very frustrated!  I am not a skinny chick but I'm not a whale either.  I'm so tired of going wedding dress shopping and each store having 3 dresses total to try on in a size 22-24.  Does anyone have suggestions on where to go that may have 12-20 dresses in a 22 or larger size??
Thanks for any help you can provide!

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    Isn't there a wedding shop that recently opened that specializes in dresses for real sized people? I can't remember the name of it though... I will see if I can find the info!
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    Go to The Glass Slipper.  They're in Andover, and yes, it's a bit of a haul from the MSP area, but it's sooooo worth it.  They're a boutique that deals exclusively in plus-size bridal gowns.  They're not a large store, since they've been open for just under 3 months, but what they've got in stock is a pretty good variety of different silhouettes.  Lynn, the owner, is fantastic to work with.  I just bought my dress there, and she's getting it custom made for me and was able to speak with the designer herself to make sure everything will get done right.  Their service is incredible, and it's a really nice little shop.  I've been very, very pleased with them so far.  Oh, and they'll also give you a 10% discount if you pay in full when you place your order.  She even managed to make my mother and I get along, which is impossible when we're shopping for clothes.

    Please, do yourself a favor and check this place out.  She's a small business just getting started, and in a niche that really doesn't exist around here.  As a big girl, I really want to see this shop succeed!
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    Do they have a website Iwantcake??  I will see if I can locate!  I will give my business to a small company especially if they are willing to go out on the line to make peoples dreams come true!
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    They sure do.  It's www.glassslipperbridalsalon.com. They've got more designers than they show on their website, since they haven't updated it since I went there a couple months ago.  At the time I went, they didn't have their full stock in, but there were still easily 30 dresses there you could try on.  Oh, and they're also closed on Sundays and Mondays, although if that's the only time that works for you, they'd probably open the shop for you.

    I'm the same way about small businesses.  The big ones don't really care whether or not they get your business, so they don't do much to earn it, and you don't get much personal attention.  I like my money to stay in my community.  I guess i'm really political that way, voting with my dollars.
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    Do you know how their prices compare to Davids bridal?
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    this is good news.  I am about a size 18-20 and am TERRIFIED of going to try on dresses.  I am going to try this place out!

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    Thank you for tuning us into this store. I emailed them and literally within 5 minutes had a response that they have at least 30 dress in my price range...more than I have see at other stores.
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    I actually had pretty good luck at the Maple Grove David's Bridal, and I'm an 18-20. I was able to try on 7 dresses.

    I might just have to go up to Andover and check out Glass Slipper :-)
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    I had great luck at the Wedding Shoppe.  When you make an apointment, let them know your size range and they'll get you in a fitting room closest to the room with sample sizes in bigger sizes.    Extra plus - it is not insane up there like I hear it can be in the other "regular" size area!
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    I had okay luck at The Wedding Shoppe, but my problem with them is that they really only had one silhouette for me to try on when I went.  I probably put on a dozen or more dresses, but they all felt the same.  It was nice to be upstairs away from all the craziness, though.  I got my own huge room and Katy was a really great help.

    When I was at The Glass Slipper, I didn't notice much of a difference in price, although I have to admit that price was secondary to me because my parents offered to help with it, even though I paid for it all on my own in the end.  The bigger shops tend to run more sales, but with the 10% off you'd get at TGS if you pay in full right away, it makes them really competitive.

    If any of you do go in, tell Lynn that Angie W sent you!
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    I highly recommend David's Bridal.  They have a wide variety of sizes.  The first bridal shop I went to didn't have dresses larger than a size 8 to try on ... then I went to David's Bridal and it was amazing! 
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