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Garter toss

What songs are you ladies using for the Bouquet & Garter toss if your doing them? I am having such a hard time figuring this one out.

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Re: Garter toss

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    One popular one for the bouquet toss is 'Single Ladies' by Beyonce.  I am personally not doing those but I love that song and get excited @ weddings during this time because they play that song :)
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  • wittyschaffywittyschaffy member
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    We only had a bouquet toss (and only had that because it came free with our floral order!) and we used Beyonce for that.  The only thing I can think of for the garter removal/toss would be the stripper and that seems not very pc!
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    We used Man I feel like a woman for the bouquet toss and Tush by ZZ Top for the garter toss.
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    I'm not doing either but I was just at a wedding last weekend. I can't remember what she did for the bouquet toss but she had all the guys down on 1 knee singing "You've Lost that Loving Feeling".
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    We will probably use Single Ladies for the bouquet toss, and we'll be auctioning off the garter instead of tossing it.. so no song there.
  • colstj1colstj1 member
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    We will also most likely be using Single Ladies for the bouquet toss and not sure about the garter toss yet. When it gets closer to I am sure we will decide.
  • Jo&Lo83Jo&Lo83 member
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    I'm doing the theme song from Sex and the City - the MOVIE. it's instrumental and just the perfect amount of time I think  :)  Garter toss - I have no clue either! Hoping the DJ can give us some suggestions
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  • mandarenee898mandarenee898 member
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    For garter - Black Keys "Howlin for You" for bouquet toss - ???.  I don't want to do Single Ladies because I'm sick of that song (seriously no offense intended - it was just overplayed).
  • maybe984maybe984 member
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    Bouquet - Can't Hurry Love (the Phil Collins cover, b/c admittedly, I loves me some Phil!)

    Garter - You're the Best Around (yep, the Karate Kid theme song! My DH is a nerd. We almost went with Eye of the Tiger, but he was obsessed with the Karate Kid movies when he was little, so nothing else really stood a chance.)
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    Having been around/involved in a ton of weddings we made sure "Single Ladies" was on our DO NOT PLAY list. Everyone everyone everyone uses it. I'd say do what ever you'd like though! There are lots of other fun songs for it! "Girls just wanna have fun" or just basic music! :)
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    We did "Single Ladies" for our bouquet toss cause I didn't really put a whole lot of effort into thinking about a song. My toss bouquet was free. So, I figured we might as well use it. 

    For the garter toss we did the "Theme Song from Mission Impossible" it was hilarious and totally worked out well. My dress was also huge because I had a hoop, so my now husband (!!) could actually pretty much go underneath and grab the garter and nothing showed for anyone. 
  • graysquirrelgraysquirrel member
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    For the bouquet we did "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and for the garter we used David Rose's "The Stripper". It was hilarious becasue it is so not us. The DJ even got a kick out of it. Here is a link to the music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YdMaZRVUU8
  • aabrahams7aabrahams7 member
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    We are doing Michael Buble "just haven't met her yet" (I think that is the name) and for the garter toss we are doing Brad Paisley's "I'm still a guy"
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