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Arcade/Bowling Reception?

So, my fiancé and I aren't the "let's dance and have speeches and toasts," kind of people. We're more like, "let's destroy everyone we love at every game we possibly can," kind of people, which is why I've been toying around with the idea of having our reception at an arcade or bowling alley or something of the sort. However, I don't want my reception to look like it's set in the mid 80s. 

Does anyone know of an arcade/bowling alley/anything of this sort type of place that might work? We're keeping our wedding small (around 50-ish), so size shouldn't be too much of an issue. My first thought was Bryant-Lake Bowl, but it doesn't look like they'd let us rent the place on a Saturday night (not that I can blame them, I guess. But I can still be irked.) I'm okay with a bit of a drive!

Thanks, all!

Re: Arcade/Bowling Reception?

  • What about Pinstripes? There's one in Edina. It's a bowling/bocce ball place and I know they do weddings there.
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  • Elsie's in NE Minneapolis has a banquet room for 150 (http://www.elsies.com/index-3.html).  They do have bowling, but I don't recall if they have arcade games!  You could also try the Brunswick Zone (multiple locations), The Mermaid or the Park Tavern...
  • Bryant-Lake Bowl & Pinstripes!!!
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  • Dave & Busters in Maple Grove (they have private party rooms, and a huge arcade).  

    Medina Ballroom (large and small party rooms, bowling alley, and small arcade)

    Park Tavern

    Treasure Island Casino (I haven't seen the bowling alley and arcade, but have heard good things)

    Sky Deck at Mall of America (I wasn't super impressed when I was there in June, but they had just opened and basically had all of the things that Jillians left when they closed, not sure if they've upgraded since then or not)


    Or, if you get a venue without that stuff, there's companies you can hire to bring the games to you.  
  • I would recommend checking out Pinstripes. We had my friend's bachelorette party there and I was very, very impressed with the place. It looks much, much nicer than the average bowling alley. I'm not sure if there are arcade games or anything but the bar area, bowling alley, and bocce ball courts are very nice looking and not at all like the standard hasn't been upgraded since the 80's bowling alley.
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  • We're doing ours at the Mermaid Event Center in Mounds View. There are 3 reception rooms to choose from. They have a bowling alley and some games on the main floor. Our reception is being held in the lower "Atlantis Ballroom", but we plan on doing a round of bowling just for fun and picture taking purposes before our grand entrance!
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