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Dress Cleaning...

First of all, the knot keeps kicking me over to the nest; but I'm not ready to leave you ladies yet. :)

Second, my dress is pretty filthy since my bustle fell out and someone spilled something red on me (hoping it's not red wine) .. for married ladies or brides with married friends can you recommend a place to get my dress cleaned and preserved. :)

Thank You!

Re: Dress Cleaning...

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    [QUOTE]First of all, the knot keeps kicking me over to the nest; but I'm not ready to leave you ladies yet. :) Posted by shan87[/QUOTE]

    Ha, to funny!  We don't want you to leave either Shan!  = )
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    I'm not ready to go there, either.  I don't hear very nice things about them.  I've been avoiding TB, too, since I'd rather not feel like I'm doing this whole pregnancy thing completely wrong.

    Sorry, no info on where to get a cleaning.  Mine needs to be done, too.  I absolutely destroyed the detachable train.
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    I'm over on the nest too - don't worry!  We're not evil over there. 

    I had my dress cleaned at the cleaner recommended by the Wedding Shoppe in St. Paul but I can't remember what it was called!!  You can use the wedding care specialists in Golden Valley/Hopkins I think - they get good reviews.  Just whatever you do remember that your box should be archival/acid free as well as the tissue.  NO archival boxes contain cellophane.  They shouldn't be sealed tight so that your dress can "breathe" with the changing seasons.  It should be stored somewhere where there aren't extreme temp swings (attic) or moisture issues (basement) and out of direct sunlight.  Our cleaner suggested putting the box under a bed or a high shelf in a closet.
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    There's a place called Wedding Gown Care Specialists in New Hope that's awesome.

    If that's too far for you, just make sure that wherever you do take it, that they're not drycleaning it. Drycleaning chemicals are uber bad for almost all wedding dress fabrics and materials. They'll discolor your dress and give it a nasty chemical smell (one of my friends was going to wear their mother's wedding dress for her wedding a few years ago only to find out it was pretty much obliterated by a drycleaner.)

    WGCS basically puts your dress in a bathtub and washes it by hand.
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    ditto WGCS -awesome job and a belated congrats Shan!
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    OT but I love your siggy pics!!!  :D
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    OT But I love your siggy Pics!!
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