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We had our first meeting with a floral vendor last night.  We met with Jennifer at Luna Vinca.  I loved her and thought she really got my vision down.  However it's a tad over what we were hoping to pay.  I am wondering if anyone has worked with her before?  Or if you have any other recommendations for other places in the area.  Also, if you don't mind sharing, what was your budget for flowers? I want to know how realistic we are being.


Re: Flowers - Referrals or Reviews? - Luna Vinca

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    We're using Martha at Martha's garden and I cannot say enough good things about her. She is truly visionary in her floral designs and everytime I tell another vendor we're working with Martha, they tell me how much they love her. Floral has been weird we keep revising and upping our budget as we feel we need more. I got my best estimate from Fleur de Lis down on Selby
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    I'll put this in here and ask as well since I am thinking about talking to florists in the next 4 months or so... I know someone posted the list for wedding photographers within certian price ranges.  Is there one of those for florists?
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    We started early in the hprocess of trying to find a florist.. I cannot say that I have spoken with Luna Vinca, we decided to go with Forget Me Not Floral out of Burnsville, it seriously was the best price ANYWHERE (including DIYing them ourselves) and Lisa has been nothing but amazing to work with. We only needed floral for our ceremony (no reception flowers, just bouquets, altar flowers, and roses for moms, bouts etc) and we are going to pay just over $400 for everything. Her contact info is in my bio!
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    My recommendation? Intuitive Blooms. A million times over.

    We paid a little under $750 for my bouquet, 4 BM bouquets, a veritable crapload of bouts and corsages, as well as fresh floral centerpieces for 15 tables.

    I am confident we could have hit an even lower price point with Intuitive Blooms if we tried, but on the other hand, I do have expensive taste in flowers (we used a lot of hydrangea and some more-costly variations of roses and lilies) and was willing to stretch my budget to meet my vision.

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    I think that independent florists that don't have shops or studios can tend to be a bit lower price, typically, due to having less overhead costs.  Your costs can really fluctuate depending on what flowers you choose and whether or not they're in season/in demand around your wedding time.

    I've seen some beautiful flowers from other knotties' MSP weddings and it seemed like they were also very reasonably priced:
    - Intuitive Blooms
    - Petals and Sprigs and Twigs
    - Simply Stated Elegance
    - Deven Nelson
    - I DO flowers

    My sister and old roommate used Intuitive Blooms for their bouquets and they got great deals akin to maybe's quote above!  In retrospect, I wish I had gone with IB :)

    I used Studio Emme, owned by one of my college classmates, but it's a side gig for her right now and her day job keeps her pretty busy.  She does beautiful work and is a bit more mid-price... but can be a challenge to get a hold of sometimes!
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    Jennifer/Luna Vinca was my florist and I absolutely loved working with her. Her quote came in a tad over what we wanted to spend (I think about $250 over), but she was super super flexible about my budget and about making sure I got the most for my money and wasn't offended at all when I wanted to change things to be less costly. I can't emphasize enough the part about how she gave me a lot for my money - I wanted to cry when I saw my bouquet - it was above and beyond what I had expected. If you want to talk exact numbers, I'd prefer not to post them here but PM me and I'll give you my email address.

    ETA: Here is a shot of my bouquet and the bridesmaids - she absolutely rocked it.

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    We are using Intuitive Blooms :) So far she has been amazing and absolutely gets the vision I have.  She quoted us an amazing price and will do everything for us the day of.
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    Another vote for Intutitive Blooms :) I LOVED our flowers so much and she was the least expensive quote we received.  I seriously wanted to cry when I had to start throwing our flowers away...they were SO beautiful. 

    This coming from someone who thought they didn't care that much about the flowers...Lacey showed me a bouquet when we had our consultation and it was AMAZING and perfect and a year later it was my bouquet :).  She rocks.

    Also, what we ended up getting from her ended up being bigger and better than I had imagined and what I thought we were getting.

    One of our centerpieces.  This picture doesnt even do it justice, they were larger looking in person.

    My bouquet.

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    [QUOTE]I'll put this in here and ask as well since I am thinking about talking to florists in the next 4 months or so... I know someone posted the list for wedding photographers within certian price ranges.  Is there one of those for florists?
    Posted by ktwagner21[/QUOTE]

    There isn't, but we should make one!

    I'll start a new thread above!  = )
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